Express through Words

Express through Words

I have always wanted to start a blog. I mean an active blog. I once had it with friendster but then after a few years I grew tired of it and totally abandoned it.

Last year I got interested with making money online and after using my ever reliable Google best friend, I found out that blogging was one of the most used method to earn money on the net. So I said to myself I’ll give it a try. Then my blogging struggles begun.

One of the things I had problems with was the topic. I decided to make reviews. Since there are a lot of things I’m interested with, I can’t decide what topic to focus on. I said to myself, I’ll just talk about everything and see how it works.

Now the next step I made was to decide the site to host my blog. There were a lot of them but I trimmed it down by checking which site allows advertisements. I came up with tumblr and blogspot. Since I was not familiar with tumblr, I used blogspot. I can finally start my blog.

After setting it up, monetizing my blog was my next big problem. I don’t have any idea how to make it productive. With the help of best friend Google, I learned about Google ad-sense, advertisements, links, rss, traffic and the like that can help me get something from my blog. I registered site after site and looked for ads after ads. I thought to myself, I have to make it work or everything will just be for naught.

I thought those were my only biggest adversaries in this blogging business but I was wrong. Very wrong. My blog entries became my toughest enemy in this battle. I know I want to make reviews but I didn’t know what to review. As a result, I only had two entries and the interval of my entries was really apart.

Another issue was the language I have to use. Because I want to target larger readers, it’s a must that the entries are written in English. It’s not my native tongue. I might not have a problem using it but there were still times that using English was a pain in the ass and there were instances that I want to use Filipino in writing but then not everyone will get to understand what I want to say.

With all the things I mentioned, I’m pretty sure you already had the idea of how it ended. Of course it didn’t work. It was a failure. It was probably a disaster.

Then you’re probably wondering why am I writing this entry now? Why did I create this blog? Why, why, why and why? I asked that myself a couple of times. I get to review my work, my actions and my drive for creating my blog. And I realized that I had all the wrong reasons. I used it not because I want it but because I need money. I forgot the essence of writing. I no longer enjoy it. It was not a hobby anymore. It was already a tedious task.

I love writing and I can’t give it up. I want to share my ideas and I want people to know what I want to say. I want to share a piece of myself. I want to share my voice—to make difference in my own little way.

I found my resolve.
I’m going to continue writing because I want it. I’ll write about things I want and things that interest me. I won’t let conformity affect me.
I’ll follow my own rules.

I’m not giving up reviews per se. I’ll still do it because I like it. But I will not force myself to write a review. I’ll take my time and review what I want to review.

I’ll use the language I feel like using. Make it English or Filipino. I’m certain that once in a while I’ll have Filipino readers. I’m a Filipino anyway and I live in the Philippines so it’s not a wonder why would I want to express myself in my native tongue.

I decided to create three blogs and stick to one blog hosting site.
This is the first from the three.

I want to describe this as my free wall.
My Live Journal.
My blog’s spot.
My word’s press.
And the tumblr of my ideas.

The two other blogs would be reviews about books/novels/mangas I’ve read and movies/series/dramas/animes I’ve watched.

I’m not going to stick in one genre. I’m a voracious reader and viewer. And I like an array of mediums. I’m interested in a lot of things so I’m not going to restrict myself to what is “in” at present. As to when I’ll make them and what hosting site I’ll use–well, I still don’t know. But I’m already working on some entries. It will be up and running in a few.

Well, this is it for now. My very first real-honest-heartfelt-entry from time immemorial.


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