Part I: His Point of View

He met her 3 or 4 years ago. The girl who made him change. The girl who unexpectedly brought him happiness.

Mara came into Brian’s life-like a whirlwind. He met her when he badly needed someone to be with. He was from a broken relationship and all he wants to do is to forget his pain and for once be happy.

He knew that this girl was not the type of girl he usually meets–she’s something else. She was loud, funny, carefree and wonderful. She made him smile.

It all started there. Brian befriended Mara. They were fine as friends but then suddenly he fell in love with her. He knew that once he move past the friendship, there’s no turning back. He knew that once he enters her life, his life won’t be the same again. He knew that if Mara don’t feel the same way, their friendship might be lost. He knew all the possible consequences but he still took the risk.

It paid off. They became a couple and like any other relationship, they had their share of fights and misunderstandings. They made it through. They were happy… or so he thought.

After a few months of being together, she was gone.

She left without even saying goodbye.

He never had the change to ask why and he never tried to find out the reason she left.

She left and that was it. 

Kung gaano kabilis dumating si Mara sa buhay niya, ganoon din ito kabilis nawala.

Mara gave him the happiness he was looking for but she also tripled the pain he once felt when she left. He has to move on.

Three Years After…

Brian is enjoying the time of his life. His work was okay. He has a girlfriend for two and a half years now. He’s trying to be happy. And so far, he’d been fine.

Did he really move on? Maybe. 

He never had the closure with Mara. He still have her things. Thinking and hoping that one day she’ll come back and get those from him. He knew that’s wishful thinking. They never had any communication for the past three years and he has a girlfriend now. But deep within him, he didn’t change. He’s probably still in love with her.

Then one day, he got an unexpected e-mail from the last person he’ll ever think of.

It was from Mara.

Do I still remember her? She never left my mind one bit.

Do I still know her? Is she f****ng kidding me? I never forgot her.

Stupid as he is, he grabbed his phone and texted her.

Find out what happened in Part II: Her Side of the Story. The continuation of the Untold Story of Mara and Brian.


2 thoughts on “Part I: His Point of View

  1. Shana says:

    To those who are waiting for the second part:

    Sorry! 😥
    As much as I want to finish Mara and Brian’s story ASAP, I can’t. I’m not saying I’ll leave the story hanging. I just don’t have the time to do that right now.

    I’m currently working on my novel and it’s draining my energy and eating all the sugar my brain cells needs, making all my other writting projects on hold.

    But I assure everyone, that I’ll finish the story sa abot ng aking makakaya

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