The Untold Story: Mara and Brian

The Untold Story: Mara and Brian

I Promise

I promised a friend that I’m going to write “their” story. I honestly don’t know how to put into words their complicated love and hate romance. (Was it really romance?) But a promise is a promise right? The frustrated writer in me won’t say no to a writing challenge.

Anyway, I decided to write it in three different voices. I want my readers to understand the guy’s point of view, the girl’s side of the story and the reader’s opinion.

Aside from the story line, all things written in those posts are work of fiction. The real names and persons involved were not mentioned as respect of their privacy.

What’s written here may or might be true. It’s up for the readers to decide.

Click on the following links to find out The Untold Story of Mara and Brian.

Part I: His Point of View

Part II: Her Side of the Story – Upcoming

Part III: The Reader’s Opinion – Upcoming


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