Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Based from a True Story of Everyone

I was really hesitant in watching this movie when my friend told me about it. I never heard of it and I wasn’t even aware it was shown last Sunday on ABS-CBN. Too busy? No. That’s just me. 🙂 I even forget to watch Glee on ETC (even the replays!). I’m just too lousy with series or TV shows not shown on a daily basis.

Anyway, I was at the office waiting for my shift to end when my friend went to my station and persuaded me to watch it. At first I can’t understand his enthusiasm with this Thai movie. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Asian movies, in fact I’m a fan. However, watching it in the middle of the night and reading subtitles is not something a workaholic girl would do. I’d rather sleep. (Talk about being workaholic. Ha-ha) Since my friend won’t stop pestering me, I grabbed my headset and started watching it. And boy, I’m very stupid for watching it in the office for I look like a fool laughing out loud and crying relentlessly for the next two hours at my cubicle.

Type Her Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2010)

Sahamongkol International and Work Point, 118 minutes
Released on August 12, 2010
Romantic Comedy

Watched in August, 2011

The ordinary 14 year old girl Nam is unattractive or in simple terms… ugly. But she’s always been secretly in love with an older guy in grade 10 called Chon, the most popular student in high-school. He’s hot, perfect and generous, and that’s what makes girls go crazy about him, including Nam too. But she doesn’t give up easily. She tries to do everything to make her get noticed by the boy she loves, in the hope of him turning around to look at her just one more time.

Directors & Writers: Puttipong Promsaka Na Sakolnakorn, Wasin Pokpong

Cast: Mario Maurer, Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol, Sudarat Budtporm


The first 15 minutes of the movie was the introduction of the characters and the situation the characters were in. The story is centered on an average, plain-looking and dark-skinned girl named Nam (Baifren Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul) who is secretly in love with an older Grade 10 guy named Shone (Mario Maurer). Shone, a new student, a rumoured troublemaker and a photography enthusiast, easily becomes a popular student in school because of his good looks and soccer-playing skills.

The plot was very simple but its simplicity caught my attention. It’s not hard not to see myself in Nam. For once in my life, during high school, I was like her.

The movie was like a real life adaptation of the Ugly Duckling. Nam was well aware that she has slim chances of being noticed by Shone because of her physical looks, but does not give up easily. With the help of her close girl friends, Nam tries everything to make herself more beautiful and outstanding in school, hoping that Shone will like her someday. Nam’s transformation each year was a refreshing scene you’ll look forward to in the movie. In every change in her look, you’ll wonder if by this time Shone will finally see her efforts and hope that he’ll reciprocate her feelings.

Another character that indirectly helped Nam in her transformation from an ugly dark-skinned girl into a glowing lovely growing up lass was her domineering but comical teacher Inn (Sudarat Budtporm). She was one hell of a comedian. I was laughing so hard every time she has a scene from the movie. She’s like Pokwang. Her acting and funny antics were effortless! I can say that she was one of the characters that will sustain your interest in the movie.

Aside from the comical part of the movie, its tear-jerky scenes are really worth your tears. The most painful part for me was when Nam finally had the courage to reveal her true feelings for Shone. However, upon seeing a note in Shone’s shirt that Shone and Pin, a girl from Shone’s class who once defended her from bullies, are in a relationship, she gets heartbroken and weepingly wished Shone and Pin the best. She even fell in the swimming pool! Baifren Pimchanok acting for this scene was awesome. She was able to portray the right emotion needed for the scene. You’ll feel sorry for her and share her pain, and at the same time makes you remember the first time your heart was broken.

The confession scene.I'm okay! (even if it hurts)
This scene broke my heart!

Mario Maurer‘s acting on the other hand, was very consistent. You wouldn’t notice that he’s hiding something from his cool façade. Midway in the movie, I even thought that Nam should just give it up because I think Shone would never like her. There was no hint whatsoever that he likes Nam too. So the twist in the story was a revelation for me. When the POV shifted to Shone’s, it was unveiled that Shone likes Nam since she was an M.1 student. That was unexpected! Of course, I knew that it would have a happy ending since this is romance but I never thought Shone has feelings for her too even when Nam was still not pretty. Ah… The beauty of first love.

Nam and Shone

Ahh… Look at that!

Okay, I love this movie. But… there are still some parts of it I don’t like. First, Nam’s friends. For the whole of the movie, they look the same. I mean, look at Nam! She developed herself in every step of the way but her friends never even changed-not one bit. They don’t have to make them all beautiful because that will make the movie unrealistic but they could have made them look different for every passing year. It was like they were stuck with their appearance from 1st Grade.

crazy little thing called love

Nam’s friends when they are still in M.1

Nam's look before and after.

See the changes?

Second, Shone’s appearance after nine years and again Nam’s friends. The dark-skinned Shone doesn’t look nice. I know they want him to look mature so they curled his hair and made him tanner but for me he turned out “baluga”. They could have made him mature in so many other ways. Nam friends had changed but it was too drastic. I know nine years was a long period but the change in them seems too sudden. They tried to show that one of her friends became a pilot or something but it didn’t fit. If they made the changes throughout the movie, then their sudden change at the end wouldn’t be a shock.

Lastly, I was not contented with the ending. Yes, it’s a happy ending but after all they’ve went through, I was like, that was it?! The ending was okay but it was very brief. It left too many questions. It’s as if the director and the writer just wanted to end the movie and raise the curtains so they made them meet on a television show. I was happy that they met again and their feelings were finally revealed and in national television but again it was not enough. There’s the nine years gap of what happened with their lives and the explanation of the black book. Maybe it was probably even better if they included a little teaser at the end showing what happened after their television appearance. Well, at least there’d be a sequel for the movie so might as well stop bitching about the ending now.

I fell in love with the story. Watching the movie is like riding a train back to memory lane. It made me remember my own craziness in high school. The beauty of first love, friendship and dreams. It was a refreshing movie from what I usually watch here in the Philippines. I just wish we can do something like this—very light but very meaningful.

Five Kiss Marks for the movie.

Fantabulous: I can’t stop talking about it!

Five Drama Awards for the actors performances.

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Video Credit: arnots2 via YouTube


24 thoughts on “Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Based from a True Story of Everyone

  1. uknow says:

    love love love it ♥♥♥
    mario and fern’s emotions are absolutely awesome ~

    and the scene at the swimming pool ..
    my tears fell it’s like ‘awww. poor p’nam!’
    i feel her pain

    two thumb ups for this :))

    • erica(nutsumi) says:

      yes it’s true you called feel the pain of Nam it is so sad but i realize that love never last,it will be kept in my heart forever……………. 🙂 😦 😥

  2. pamelyn villame says:

    hello…can you make a story like what you did in a little thing called love but it is not a review or summary please….i just want to read it always….there is no books or story in that movie please…

  3. wally letargo says:

    super korek talagang nakakbitin yung ending niya as in.ako din super naalala ko yung high school days ko .after watching it parang gusto ko ulit magenroll as first year high school at mangarap na makakilala ng 4th year high school na guy.hehehehe isa sya sa mga paborito kung movie of all time.very true yung comment mo about teacher inn sobrang effortless siyang magpatawa.hay sana nga gumawa dito sa pilipinas ng adaptation ng crazy little thing called love and sana si kim chiu si nam at ian batherson si shone at si eugene domingo si teacher inn.heheheh

  4. k says:

    i really loved ds movie…..exactly wat i felt 4 my crush ( first love ) during my school days. The spec and the tanned skin of the little Nam ws my xerox copy. Btw abt frens..i had two frens and they too encourage me to confess my love for him but i never did it. By watchn Nam confessing i too thought abt that…. Bt nw its too late. He is married to sm1 else.

  5. Kevin Siguenza says:

    I love this Movie. 🙂 I was like Shone, na Torpe pero hindi naman kagandahang lalaki pero mabait :D. Nangyari na kasi skin ung nangyari kay Shone. hahays. Hindi ko lang alam kung gusto ako nung babae, pero still someday at umaasa ako na makakaya ko nang sabihin sa kanya ang nararamdaman ko. 🙂 hehe.. Nag karoon sila ng kaibigan ko ng pagkakaunawaan and they both like each other. So Na broken ako T.T. At ngaun umaasa pa rin ako na someday maging kami ng crush ko ay love na pala. 😀

  6. Karlo Rodriguez (@KarloOfishal) says:

    Wow..nice review napanood ko lang 2 last night it was a nice movie somehow nakakarelate cguro lahat ng age bracket heheh and khit anong gender na minsan nainlove tau, nasaktan at umibig ulit..bitin talaga ung ending pero sabi my parang parallel sequel ang movie na to CLTCL 1.5 missing years confirm na rin un s mga twit s twitter ng bagong crush ko n c @onlybaifern n my part 2 pics n rin n pinakita s account nia..parang answer s mga question s part 1ang susunod n installment..mas naintindihan ko pa ung story dhil s post mo..sna mareview mo rin ung suckseed and love summer thai movie rin un and maganda raw .PS PS: nakakatawa ung s cast s gilid pokwang LOL.tama karin sna makagawa din ang mga pinoy ng ganito kasimpleng movie pero my impact at hindi puno lang ng kakornihan..heheh.:>Godspeed!

    • Shana says:

      Hi Karlo, thanks for visiting my blog and the confirmation that this will have a sequel! *Girly yell*

      There are also a lot of good Korean Movies. As for Filipino Movies, we just have to look more into mature topics and not just patweetum stories. Medyo may mga movies narin tayo na magaganda ang story.

      Thank you for the recommendations. I’ll be including them on my To Watch List and I’m hoping I get to watch them next month. 😀

  7. Johanne Dee says:

    Yeah, I agree much! The story is very very nice and everyone can relate, but unfortunately, the ending, uh well… I guess it would be much better if they gave it a well plotted ending, an ending with a slam! Looks like they didn’t think of a good ending to a very nice story. This left me (and almost all viewers) hanging.

    • Alona says:

      Hi Jino! Bisaya ba yan? Hihi. Di ko naintindihan. Pero would that mean, mas maganda ang Pshon and Pnam tandem kesa ke Erich? Kung tama pagkakaintindi ko–I agree!

  8. slashedsilver says:

    I loved this story, but I actually was a bit disturbed by the drastic changes — why did Nam look so different from her M1 and M2 vs her M3 and beyond self? It’s like they used two different actresses, because their face shapes and bodies are totally different. Like you pointed out, Nam’s friends look the same from the start to the end (maybe slightly bigger). But Nam, who started out much smaller than her friends, started to tower over them in M3. Nam in her “9 years later” self looks so adult, but her friends still look like young teens dressing up.

  9. zin ko kian says:

    i very like little thing called love movie .In movie .,Nan is very beautiful and i very like her. sure , one day i go to thailand and i want to meet Nan.

  10. shrividhya india says:

    i love this movie.not just love im crazy abt that film what a movie.i love nam and her friends.mario is a loveble boy i love him so much,

  11. Albin says:

    I love this movie and I like P’nam because she loved P’Shone with all her heart and I could feel it because I do love a girl sooooo much and she did like me too but now she doesn’t want me anymore but I just can’t stop and she knows I love her sooooo much she breaks my heart every time but I just can’t let her go because it is always my first and last love without I can’t live

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