Till My Heartaches End

I rarely watch Filipino Movies these days. I found the plots too cheesy for my taste. But I got interested in watching this film when I saw the full trailer in YouTube. I’m not really a Kimerald fan but I appreciate talented actors and actresses. And with this movie, I can say that Kim and Gerald are now one of the best actors and actresses of their generation.

This is a Filipino Romantic Drama Film about a relationship of two individuals whose life, personalities and aspirations are different from each other.

Type HerTill My Heartaches End

Star Cinema, 110 Minutes
Released on October 27, 2010
Drama, Romance

Watched in August 2011

Every relationship starts with a beautiful beginning. A woman who never knew love until he met him. A man who found love when she believed in him. But when his dreams became more than what she could take, she wanted love more than he could give. When a relationship is bound to end, will you fight for it and stay? Or will you choose to walk away?

Paolo “Powie” Barredo (Gerald Anderson) is out to prove to the world that he is not just a son out-of-wedlock, but that he can succeed in life independently. Though he started out roughly, he soon picked up pace and climbed the ladder of success. But as things started falling into place, other important things in his life had to take a backseat as he experienced the thrill of finally achieving his goal.

Agnes Garcia (Kim Chiu) has always longed for the time when her family will finally be complete again. At the young age of 6, her parents left the country to work abroad – her mother was a medical technician in America, while her father worked as an engineer in Riyadh. Despite the distance, Agnes held tight to the inevitability that she will reunite with her parents once again when she passes the nursing exam and applies to work in the States.

The moment these two saw each other at the café, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Their attraction was apparent and it seemed that destiny brought them together. As they got to know the other better, they found solace and comfort in each other’s company. But the security they found in each other soon started to shake when their different life paths take them to different directions. Despite the love they both still have for each other, one must choose to decide when to let go, even if the other is still holding on.

Director & Writer: Jose Javier Reyes

Stars: Kim Chui, Gerald Anderson and Boots Anson-Roa


Kudos to Jose Javier Reyes for writing a realistic love story that everyone who’d been in a relationship can relate to. I like the way he started the film by making Agnes and Powie’s friends tell their story. It makes you feel that it’s as if you’re just hearing one of your office mate talk about the love struggles of his/her distant cousin. It makes you feel at home and relate to the characters easily since you know it can happen in real life.

Seeing Gerald play a poor character in a movie is something new to me. I always see him as a cool, collected, rich, spoiled brat dude. I have to give him credit for portraying the role very well. He was very mature in this film and very dashing too. It’s as if this role was tailored fit for Gerald Anderson. It showed a different side of him.

Kim Chiu was very impressive in this film too. Being a docile, fragile, helpless little girl was like a second skin to her. Her eyes show her emotions. She’s no longer the teeny, sweet, chinita we saw in PBB. Kim really had gone a long way.

This movie made me remember my own kagagahan when my relationship with my boyfriend is still new. I was somehow a little like Agnes but not too much. I know when to say no and when to stop hurting myself. Agnes has to be hurled and hurt a couple of times before waking up from her own nightmare.

But I really can’t blame Agnes for being what she is. Since her parents left her at a very young age to work abroad, she’d been in a constant search for love and security. She’s a woman who doesn’t know what love is until she met Powie. He is the first guy who made a connection with her and promised her that he’ll never leave her unlike what her parents did.

Powie, on the other hand, was a guy who has a troubled relationship with his parents. He feels as if his Dad doesn’t really see him as his son. He lives an independent life and he is set to prove that he can achieve his goals. He is already like that even before Agnes came to his life.

We all know that every relationship starts with a beautiful beginning. Agnes was a woman who never knew love until he met him. And Powie is a man who found love when she believed in him. But when his dreams became more than what she could take, she asked for love more than what he could give.

Their situation raised a lot of questions from me.

When a relationship is bound to end, will you fight for it and stay? Or will you choose to walk away?
When will you say stop? Until when will you allow yourself to be hurt?
Is love enough to make a relationship go on?
Will you choose love over your dreams?
Will there still be second chance if you let this great love go?

The only thing I didn’t like in this movie is the ending. Yes, they met again and probably are still in love with each other. It just left too many possibilities of what will happen to them. But I guess that’s what Jose Javier Reyes is aiming for, right? For the audience to decide of how they want to end Agnes and Powie’s love story.

4 Kiss Marks

Amazing: I’m mesmerized.

5 Drama Awards

Superb! I’m speechless!

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4 thoughts on “Till My Heartaches End

  1. pinoy wit says:

    I don’t usually watch Filipino romantic movies as well but I think I’ve got to make an effort if I’m ever going to make a fair judgment about them. I congratulate you for going on a limb to watch that movie.

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