What’s Up, Friday? (4)

Updates of what’s keeping me busy and what’s in store for the month.

Hey, it’s Friday again and here I am with my supposedly weekly meme (but in reality it’s an occasional post on a Friday depending on my willingness availability to sit down and write something.) Are you guys gearing up for gimik this weekend? If you do, then you’re lucky! I might end up staying in bed and reward myself with a long, long sleep and a much-needed rest free from allergens. Hmmm… A long, long sleep is I think the title of the book I’m scheduled to review this week. Unfortunately, my brain cells isn’t working properly right now which I think is the result of sleep deprivation and nonstop cough so the review may not be posted as scheduled.

I’m a bit testy for the past weeks. I’m easily bored and nothing—not even drop-dead gorgeous men—can get my interest for a long period of time. I usually have this when I get burned out of something I habitually do. Sigh. Now that I have the spare time to catch up on my reading, writing and watching, here I am spacing out and would rather lay in bed thinking of nothing, doing nothing and (pause, thinks for a while but nothing comes up) nothing else!

Anyway, being bored won’t keep me from buying things. And that’s the problem. I should steer clear from DVDs! (Good thing, it isn’t books, if so; I’ll end up broken-hearted over my credit card bill.) Ugh. My TBW (watch) list is piling up because of my impulsive buying. I bought 6 DVDs since the start of the month and I only finished one. 1:6. Damn ratio.

City Hunter
City HunterI finally gave in to Papa Lee Min Ho‘s charm! I badly needed a new genre to watch so this one should clean my palate. Seeing papable Gu Jun Pyo is a bonus.

Nodame Cantabile
(All 3 Seasons: Anime)
Nodame Cantabile: Anime

This is my first Josei anime watch since Honey and Clover. I might follow it up with Shounen animes or rewatch some of the Shoujo animes I have for review. I’m still thinking if I’ll watch the Japanese Live Action Drama but I did watch the movie version (Nodame Cantabile: Finale).

Here are the other DVDs I bought and are still on my TBW list.

Scent of a Woman
Scent of Woman (Helena's Promise) I don’t really know if I’ll still watch this because the ending sucks.

Dream High

I watched 2 episodes but I’m getting bored with the heroine’s acting. And some of the cast too.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Sungkyunkwan Scandal I watched half of the first episode. I might completely watch it next month.

Sugar and Spice
Sugar & Spice I bought this Japanese movie out of whim. I saw 1/4 of it and its kindda boring and slow-paced.

Loveholic I thought this was a Live Action version of an anime. It turns out that it’s a Korean movie I never knew existed. I finally remembered that the anime was XXXholic. Stupid me! So I wasted money for something I never really intended to buy/watch. But I don’t have choice, do I? Lesson learned: check the internet first before buying any Asian movies.

Book Corner

I’m not reading regular books yet. I’m on an indefinite leave from reading books. Hahaha. I was burned out from reading continuous for the past two months. And since I’m not into “real” books this month I’m back to manga!

Nodame Cantabile
Nodame Cantabile I’ve read the first and last five volumes of the manga. I’ve skipped more than half of it but I’ll still read them once I start watching the anime.

Kare Kano
Kare Kano I’m done reading all 21 volumes of the manga.

I don’t have anything on my read list yet but I’m looking for Shounen & Josei mangas (preferably completed) to read for the upcoming days especially now that I have to stay at home and rest because of my allergic cough. It’s as bad as asthma. Sh*t.

That’s all for today! Any recommendations?



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