The Year That Was and The Year Ahead

2011 had been a wonderful year of friendship, writing, books and reviews.

In my three years of stay in Manila, this was the only year I’d felt young, carefree and hopeful. This year made me realize that there’s no limit in dreaming and it’s not too late to accomplish them.

2011 was a mixed of ups and downs for me. The first two quarters of the year had been difficult. However, the bumps I’ve went through was necessary for me to learn how to make wise decisions. This was not the best year I’ve had but this is the most memorable.

  • Blogging and Writing.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog but all of my attempts for the previous years were all for naught. May was my blogging and writing month of the year. I’ve finally made a worthwhile blog and I attended a writing workshop I’d wanted to join ever since I was in high school. I still have difficulties in posting and writing regularly but this was a start and I was able to maintain active for the past 7 months.

Regrets and Plans for 2012:
– I’m not comfortable in writing book reviews but I’ll make it to a point to post at least two book reviews a month in my blog. I want to improve!
– I didn’t finish my novel. Okay. I have another 366 days (its leap year) to finish it! Ha-ha. But I hope to finish two stories this year. Fingers-crossed.

  • Books.

My passion for books came back in full blast this year because of my friends in Goodreads. And this was the year I discovered my All Time Favourite Book—Jellicoe Road!

Regrets and Plans for 2012:
– Ugh. My TBR pile increased 100% and I didn’t even finished 30% of it. I’m wondering how will I lessen my TBR if in every 1 book I read, I’d add 2 books in exchange of what I finished?
– I’m joining Off The Shelf to lessen my TBR for the past year.
– I didn’t read any classic in 2011. I’ll try to read at least one this year. I’m thinking of Pride and Prejudice or Wuthering Heights.
– My Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2012 would be 100 books and No Skimming!

I’ve discovered how addicting Asian dramas and Movies are—and I’m hooked! I also watched a lot of Anime this year and I loved One Piece.I enjoyed Mangas too and it had been eating most of my data storage.

Regrets and Plans for 2012:
– I’ve watched a lot this year. Be it Asian dramas, movies or anime. But I only reviewed a few of what I watched. I’ll consider reviewing those that I can still remember or the ones I’ll have the chance to re-watch in 2012.
– I didn’t update my page list. Fine. I’ll work on it.

  • Friendship.

I met a lot of bookworms and amazing people this year. Thanks to Kuya Doni for encouraging me to join The Filipino Group in Goodreads. Without my new friends, 2011 won’t be as fun as it was.

Regrets and Plans for 2012:
– I didn’t join all the impromptu meet ups this year because of my schedule. But I’ll change that.
More bonding in 2012!

I’m looking forward for a bright and fun year ahead! Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right!


(Source: Cynthia Links)

Goodbye 2011 and I’m ready for you 2012! Bring it!


4 thoughts on “The Year That Was and The Year Ahead

  1. SweetReads says:

    I’m glad last year was the best book year for you. You also have to try to watch anime such us ‘Fairy Tail’ if you have time watching 100 plus episodes and lots of fighting scenes. I also discovered this good Japanese movie and I think you will like it, Runaway Beat. You can watch it online through youtube for about 2 hours and 6 minutes. See you soon!

    • Shana says:

      Fairy Tail is on my To Watch list this year. I’ll look for a copy when I have the chance. What’s the Genre of Runaway Beat? I’ll check on it tomorrow.

      BTW, I saw your new blog. It’s so feminine!

      • SweetReads says:

        Supposedly my blog should be feminine. It was planned that my identity should be hidden to the public. So comments that mentioned my name was required to edit and approved by me. Anyway, skip that part.

        Talking about Runaway Beat and genre, I consider the movie as contemporary and won the prestigious International Emmy Awards. You’ll find it hard to look for Fairy Tail DVDs since the anime is composed of 50 videos each season. I recommend watching it online too.

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