Love Keeps Going

Love Keeps Going is the third Mike He drama I’ve seen since I started watching Asian Dramas. I first seen him in Devil Beside You then in Why, Why Love and I want to strangle myself for giving him the chance to redeem himself because right now I literally want to slap him.

Type Her美樂加油 / Love Keeps Going

CTV, 13 Episodes
Broadcast Period 6/5/11 – 6/28/11
Romance, Comedy

Watched in December 2011

Zha Mei Le (Cyndi Wang) is illustrious, humble and hardworking. She’s well behaved, obedient, caring and kind. Her impressive collection of certificates (including everything from IT expertise to a baking license) is testament to her tireless zest. Yet her faultless exterior hides a bittersweet past. An accidental incident of eavesdropping led her to discover that neither parents, while going through their divorce, wanted custody of her based purely on the fact that she was dumb. As a result she has since worked hard to develop skills, gaining love and approval in the process.

Even her boyfriend, Han Yi Feng (Eli Shih) falls in love with her as a result of her mass abilities and generous nature. His mother and sister both are impressed by and greatly admire her from the start of their relationship. Mei Le even helps achieve what she thinks is Yi Feng’s dream of opening and running a bakery. There is a slight marring of this idyllic plot with the introduction of Yi Feng’s brother, the spoilt, rich and famous Han Yi Lei (Mike He). Mei Le makes a terrible first impression on him but she is determined to change that.

All seems well with the couple engaged to be married. However in a cruel twist of fate Yi Feng shows his true colours and is not at all Mei Le thought him to be. When she finds out that their relationship isn’t as pure as she thought she is set with the difficult task of rediscovering herself (with some help!) and in the process, learns to trust and fall in love again.

Director: Ke Hanchen
Cast: Cyndi Wang, Mike He, Shi Yi Nan, Zhang Shan Wei

After my raving rants with Devil Beside You, you probably want to hit me for picking this up. But I thought he might have something better to offer with this since he’s older and he’d been in the business for quite sometime now. He starred in numerous dramas for the past years so I’m thinking he improved. But then it’s my fault for expecting more than what Mike He could give. Now, here I am wondering why the hell am I ranting for something I brought to myself.

Anyway, I kind of liked this at first. Mike He and Cindy Wang‘s team up is something new. I got tired seeing Mike with Rainie Yang so being paired with a new love interest is enough to pique my interest in giving this drama a chance.

Mike’s role is the usual stereotyped, arrogant, rich, high maintenance character he frequently get cast into hence I assumed playing this role is a piece of cake. Well, I expected too much.

In the first few episodes of the drama, his acting was over the top. I was hoping that his acting would come naturally since he played a similar role in most of his dramas. I did say he always gets this rich-bad-boy-facade role, right? I wish he’d come to his senses and get a new role that’s out of his comfort zone. He should challenge his self more! I’m getting tired seeing him play the same roles over and over again.

Cyndi Wang didn’t do better. She’s also overdoing it in the first few episodes of the series and her role doesn’t fit her. Though she’s far better than Rainie Yang when it comes to acting, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. This is the first drama I watched with her as part of the cast so I don’t have much to compare her performance with.

It was a good thing that Cyndi Wang and Mike He have a good chemistry together. They looked good as a couple and if not because of this I would have dropped this drama half way through.

Mike He and Cyndi Wang

They look so cute together! (Source: MF International)

The plot was fairly okay—until the last 3 or 4 episodes. For goodness sake, I’ve already seen that conflict in Why, Why Love! As in the same conflict! Come on! Can’t they think of a better external conflict to make the story compelling, dramatic and interesting? The added internal conflict from Mike’s character was also the same with what he did in Why, Why Love. Ah! I want to throw the remote control at the television! (On second thought, sayang ang TV ko.)

Oh, I have to calm down. Inhale. Exhale. Ha-ha.

The things I mentioned were the serious stuff I didn’t like in the drama. I was hoping (and probably you too) that that’s the end of it but there’s this one scene I can’t get off my mind.

Love Keeps Going - Bed Scene

Yes, you’re guessing it right. I’m supposed to love that scene but I don’t. How can he have the courage to display that body? Where’s the abs? Where’s the well-toned muscles I’m supposed to SEE? Where is it?!

I remember the same scene from Vanness Wu’s Autumn Concerto—and man! I drooled over that delicious body! Mike should have that body first before showing it off to millions of viewers all over the world.

Vanness Wu in Autumn Concerto - Shower Scene

Now, we’re talking!

I’m giving this drama 2 Kiss Marks given that it did have an interesting plot at the beginning.

Bad: Read or watched but I’m not impressed.

1.5 Drama Awards for the acting. But I’d still use the 1 Drama Award thumbnail since I don’t have a rating thumbnail for 1.5.

S.O.S Drama School!

If you’re a fan of Mike He and would enjoy by merely seeing him, go ahead. I won’t stop you. Watch it for all your heart’s content.

But as for me this drama nailed it.

I Love my sanity so I’ll keep going and leave Mike He behind. I’m not going to watch any of his dramas again. Ever.

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Photo Credits: mack91, Doki Doki Cosplay, fuckyeahasiandrama, thebesttop


10 thoughts on “Love Keeps Going

  1. Lan Nguyen says:

    I love this drama<3 it was so sad when he lied to her about the condition he's in:( I don't get why he can't just tell her the truth, it would be better if she knew the truth; if he would have told her the truth then both of them wouldn't be so sad and wasting all those tears. But I have to admit Mike He and Cyndi Wang make a very awesome cute looking couple. This drama compare to the "sunny happiness" drama that he did was much more of a drama, for example when Mike was making that video telling mei lei how much he loves her and that he is risking his life in order to love her forever was just speech less; I cried so much, it was so sad;( and when he was in the hospital because of that car accident… I can't believe that it is possible for someone who was already dead to come back alive, Cyndi's pounding on his chest and calling his name would bring him back to life (and again it is a movie). One thing that i wish could improve about this movie is the ending when the surgery was a success and he could play his music again, they should have done something like they show him playing at his big show and congratulate/celabrate with him with flowers and champane and and they laugh and then the happy ending, showing his happiness around his wife, and son (family). But in all this was a great drama. Oooo one more thing, because I watched it in Korean translated into Vietnamese, it's wasn't very good because some were not translated so they were talking in Korean and so I couldn't understand what they were saying, especially when Cyndi and Mike were talking^_^

  2. Alona says:

    Hi Lan! I loove your comment for this drama. 😀 You really like the drama. Well, I guess it didn’t work for me. I probably got tired of Mike He. Anyway, I agree with your reaction for the drama’s ending. I was hoping to see Mike after the surgery. Have you seen Why, Why Love?

    Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

  3. vgag says:

    Wait, Alona, on Mike He’s body. I think it is refreshing to see a lead who is just slender and not really built up. Also, if we can believe the tabloids (a very big ‘if’), Mike apparently got a a fairly serious back injury while shooting Bull Fighting. One article I read said he is putting off much needed surgery that might put him out of action for some weeks–or months. (But then another article said he might do his military training next year–go figure).
    But in any event, I think it is possible he is not capable of a lot of gym work…

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