Autumn’s Concerto

Second time to watch Autumn Concerto and I’m still drooling whenever I see Vanness Wu‘s body! (Katawan pa lang, ulam na!) Oops. Kalandian aside, I have to say my reaction I had now compared to when I first watched it is fairly different. Yes, I still love it but there are just things I can’t make myself not to notice. This time my gushiness as a fangirl isn’t enough to make little flaws pass.

Type Her下一站,幸福 / Autumn’s Concerto

TTV/SETTV, 21 Episodes
Broadcast Period 10/4/09 – 2/28/10
Romance, Melodrama

First watched in 2011, Watched for this review in March 2012

Ren Guang Xi (Vanness Wu), a cocky law student, seems to lead the perfect life. He’s the sole successor to a huge and famous business and a talented ice hockey player with good looks and charisma to boot. But in reality, his lonely life lacks joy, laughter and motivation. That is until he meets Liang Mu Cheng (Ady An), the new bento seller at his school canteen. Although orphaned at a young age, Mu Cheng does not let her past affect her and lives life with great passion and determination. A harmless bet brings the two together and Guang Xi slowly changes as Mu Cheng teaches him how to give and love. Tragedy strikes when Guang Xi suddenly has to go through a major brain surgery, that would result in waking up with no memory of his past at all. His mother orders Mu Cheng to leave him and the latter has no choice but to do so. Later she learns that she already has Guang Xi’s child.1

Six years passed, Mu Cheng now lives a quiet life with her young son in the countryside while Guang Xi is now a successful lawyer and is engaged to He Yi Qian, the kind and beautiful doctor who took care of him after his surgery.2 On a sudden twist of fate Guang Xi was sent to the town where Mu Cheng and Xiao Le lives for a community service. A strangely familiar piano piece stirs Guang Xi’s heart as he struggles to recall his past romance with Mu Cheng. How will the couple make up for six years of lost time?

Director: Chen Hui Ling
Screenwriters: Chen Hui Ling, Zeng Yong Ting, Huang Ji Rou, Wang Yu Qi, Lu Yi Hua

Cast: Ady An, Vanness Wu, Tiffany Hsu, Chris Wu, Xiao Xiao Bin

Gosh. I’m totally captivated. Not by the drama but by Vanness Wu! I want to hug that delicious body! Yum. Haha. What? I’m still a fangirl you know. I can’t stop it. Seriously, I can say that my love for this drama isn’t as profound as when I first seen it. One of the things I let pass before was the plot. It’s almost similar with our local teleseryes. I don’t know if that’s a plus or what but I’m certain I’m not a fan of overly dramatic scenes and utterly stupid storylines.

Autumn’s Concerto‘s story is promising. I know the plot is nothing new; it’s one of the most used and abused storyline in our local dramas but this drama had so much potential. They happen to choose the right cast for the characters and the kontrabidas (villains) are not as evil as the kontrabidas we have here. It was nice, really, but there are some parts of the story I can’t tolerate. (This may contain spoilers. If you haven’t watched it and are planning to, you can skip this part.)

The Heartless Aunt with The Evil-Maniac Uncle and The Prince’s Matapobre 3 Mother: Our modern Cinderella cast is now complete. Is there any other most effective way of saying that Mu Cheng’s life sucks? This damsel-in-distress thing is distressing. There’s nothing wrong in using the Cinderella plot but it’s so predictable. Nakaka-umay na. Too much misery in a heroine’s life is annoying and simply unbelievable.

The Matapobre MotherThe Heartless Aunt & The Evil-Maniac Uncle
The Villains of the Story.

The Medical Condition: Guang Xi undergone a major brain surgery to remove a brain tumor and he managed to be one of the most celebrated lawyers in Taiwan after six years? And what more—he only suffered a reversible selective amnesia! WTF, seriously?! And guess how he was diagnosed? He had severe headaches for the past years which he disregarded and when he fainted a couple of times, they finally decided to have it checked. And the result? Brain tumor with a size that needs to be removed ASAP or he dies. Yeah, right. I know brain tumors can sometimes be undetected but. I don’t know. This just didn’t sit well to me.

The Escape and The Running After: When he was in the surgery room, on the OR table, after the nurse accidentally didn’t inject the anesthesia via the IV tube, he decided to run after Mu Cheng. And he successfully escaped not just the operating room or the surgical ward but the hospital wearing nothing but a hospital gown. Since when do we administer anesthesia via IV injection for major surgeries? Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I know, major operations often use epidural anesthesia. What happened to research? Where the hell are the hospital guards?

I enjoyed the first six episodes of this drama. It was interesting and the kilig moments are there. The story slowed down in the next few episodes and it picked up pace after Guang Xi had remembered his past. This was a long drama. I personally think that the story would fit in 12 or 16 episodes. Stretching it to 21 Episodes is just probably because of the ratings.

Let’s move on to the cast’s performances. As much as I love and adore Vanness Wu, I have to be honest and say that his acting isn’t exceptional. It’s too much. Too much twist of the face, too much projection, too much emotion. Everything is too much, it appeared unnatural. I Maybewe can blame it with the long dialogues?

If Vanness Wu’s acting is too much, Ady An’s performance is the exact opposite. She is so blunt—as in blunt affect. Whether she’s happy, sad, angry, hurt, her facial expression doesn’t change.

I’m torn between giving this drama a 3 or 4 Kiss Marks rating. My original rating when I first watched it was 4.5 (I was sooo in love with Vanness Wu back then). But the second time I watched it, the story, the unbelievable scenes and the a bit annoying acting got into my nerves. So I decided to give it 3.5 Kiss Marks. (The 0.5 is my fangirl side—Vanness Wu is swoon-worthy.)

Mediocre: I can tolerate it but I want more!

I’m giving 2.5 Drama Awards for the acting.

2.5 Drama Awards – Shallow.

If you are looking for a good Taiwanese drama to watch, Autumn’s Concerto is a must. I may not have enjoyed it the second time but this is still a good try specially if you are watching it the first time.

1 Wikepedia
2 DramaWiki
3 Matapobre characterized by disdain towards people considered inferior

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Photo Credit: boonorbanepopularasiansf4misyel


13 thoughts on “Autumn’s Concerto

  1. thenotsomuchasian says:

    I love this drama so much! Usually it slows down a bit in the middle, but I’ve seen dramas that just keep going and it’s a little bit too much. So, I prefer when it slows down a little bit in the middle. I watched it when they were still making it and I was always waiting until they posted them online 🙂

    • Alona says:

      Hi *waves*,

      I loved this too. I just had a different experience when I watched it the second time around. Anyway, I still love both of them. They have a chemistry to beat!

      Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

  2. vgag says:

    I really enjoyed it and it was one of the few dramas I’ve seen in recent times where I did manage to see it all the way through and not give up out of boredom. I agree, the early eps before Guang Xi has to have the op and Chris Wu takes Mu Cheng off to the countryside and very fast paced and lively. Then the story does slow down a bit. Mu Cheng is beautiful, but she is such a passive character. Xiao Xiao Bin is definitely cute and clever, but he got on my nerves at times.
    A lot of the misunderstandings between Guang Xi and Mu Cheng could have been sorted out much earlier, if only she would tell the truth! But then the story would only have run to about 10 eps, LOL.
    Van Ness looked great in this. I loved those fashionable, sharply tailored suits!

    • Alona says:

      Hello V! Handling kids at times would really piss you off so I understand. Hahaha.

      I agree with your observation that most of the couple’s conflict can be resolved easily but then, what do we know? People love overly dramatic series so… yeah. Anyway, I looove Van Ness and it would always stay that way. LOL. (I’m such a fan girl. I Know.)

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. vgag says:

    About Van Ness, I totally agree. How good did he look in that ice hockey gear?? I’ve heard on the grapevine that he is filming a new series called Set Chocolate with Joanne “Qiao Qiao’ Zeng. It will be interesting to see how he shapes up in that one…

  4. vgag says:

    Just an update: Van Ness’s new drama with Joanne Zeng is now being called ‘Ti Amo Chocolate and have almost finished subbing Ep 1! I definitely have to check it out!

    • Alona says:

      Wah. Good for you! I still have his Material Queen on my TBW list. Have any drama recommendations? It doesn’t have to be Van Ness. 😀

  5. vgag says:

    Recommendations? That’s a tough one. I’m coming to the conclusion that recent ones are perhaps not as compelling as the great idol dramas of the 2000s. If I look back over the last 10 years or so of TW dramas, the ones I enjoyed the most were: Meteor Garden (the famous one, with Van Ness!!), Heaven’s Wedding Gown, with Leon Williams and Cyndi Wang). Mars, with Zai Zai and Da S–a very tense psychological thriller based on a manga. Also by the same director as Meteor Garden and Mars were the Hospital–a very serious, sad drama and the police action thriller Black and White.
    Check them out over time and see what you think. Meanwhile, I’ve kind of given up on Ti Amo Chocolate. Van Ness is good in it but the plot is a bit lame.

    • Alona says:

      I’ve seen Meteor Garden (Who wouldn’t? That’s the most famous TW drama when I was in college here in the Philippines. It’s the drama that started my craziness over international drama series). I’ve read Mars (manga) so I’m not really sure if I’ll like the live-action. I mean, I like the manga. I just don’t want to get upset if the manga is better than the live-action. Black and White was shown here sometime last year I didn’t had the chance to watch it so I’ll put this and Heaven’s Wedding on my TBW list. Thanks V!

  6. jemcardones says:

    Hi! I’ve also watched Meteor garden and the most person I liked in that drama is Vanness,I like him a lot. I’m also Vanness fan. I was nice drama. its like a Filipino drama they got a villain. I wish they could make more dramas without villains. So when you finish watching the drama you still have the smile in your lips………..

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