What’s Up, Friday? (6)

Updates of what’s keeping me busy and what’s in store for the month.

Yey! I finally have a photo thumbnail for my WUF meme. 😀 This one’s gonna be a hefty post since I’d been a bum in writing for the past weeks. So please bear with it.

I’m so busy and so lousy these days. (Meaning I’m busy getting lousy.) I mentioned a lot of things in my previous WUF and I, lousy as ever, didn’t even finish half of what I needed to do. I can’t read, I can’t watch and I can’t write. All I do is tweet and lurk in Goodreads and Facebook. (At least, I can still say something in Twitter. I don’t even know if that counts though.)

As a start, this should have been posted first Friday of last month but that was the period were my lousiness is at its peak so that’s the reason why I’m posting this just now (which is still within schedule, being it’s the first Friday of April).


I’m not really decided yet of what series I’ll watch this month. I’m torn between starting a new series and re-watching a drama I’ve seen years ago for my ReRun Review Challenge. Basing it from my attitude right now, I assure you I wouldn’t finish anything if I’ll watch two series (or any series) this month.

Here are the dramas on my choice list:
City HunterThey Kissed AgainBoys Over Flowers

What do you think is the best drama series I should watch this month?

I’m having Filipino films and English drama films for April.

Won't Last a Day Without YouUnofficially YoursThe Vow

And of course I was so excited for this:

Book Corner: Current Reads

I’m on a reading slump. Its worse this time, not even a change in genre/medium can bring me back on track. I guess I have to stop for a while.

But just so you know, here are the books I have on My Currently Reading Shelf.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

I had this buddied up with Kwesi and Cary. Originally, we plan to finish it in 5 days. But given my attitude right now, I might beg off of this group read. 😦

Jane Eyre by Charlotte BronteJane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

TFG-GR’s April Group Read. I’m listening to the audiobook but from time to time, I’m still reading my kindle copy.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane AustenPride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Another Classic Novel. It seems Classic is my paenitentia for the holy week.

I’m putting everything on hiatus except for Jane Eyre. I’m required to finish that this month for TFG-GR’s F2F Book Discussion. If and if I can’t make it before the deadline, I’ll just watch the movie adaptations. Haha :D.

My TBW is piling up anyway; it’s high time I go back to my TV marathons. I’m slashing out READING on my To Do List and replace it with WATCHING for now.

My mantra for April: Watch. Write. Review. Rest.

Blog Update

I’m just discovering the fun of having blog memes and I’m gonna have a few in this blog.


Shleved is a meme inspired by Kristi of The Story Siren. This will feature the books I got for the month. Instead of having this every first Monday of the month, I’ll have it every last week of the month. This way I get to feature all the books I bought, received, or borrowed for the whole month.

My Book Boyfriend

Photo from Tumblr. Logo from The Unread Reader.

MBB is a meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader. It’s a post where fan girl readers (like me) swoon over boys in books. I’m including a link for you guys to know how this meme works. And for the umpteenth time, I suck at weekly commitment post, so I’ll be having this as a semi-regular meme which will be posted on a Wednesday whenever I feel the urge of doing so. I don’t always have book crushes but when I do, it goes for a looong time.

Graphic Novel Reads

Manga, Manhwa & Other Comic Reads. Photo from Tumblr.

This is originally the Monthly Reads but because of my fickleness on reading, I had the painful realization that I really can’t make this as a monthly regular post. I have this so called “moments” wherein I’d swamp myself with a specific genre or medium (books/graphic novels/novella or drama/movies/anime) till I get bored. So the timing isn’t regular since I switch modes abruptly or anytime the mood for a change kicks in. This post will feature 1 to 2 graphic novels I read or is currently reading. And yes, this is a semi-regular post.


Rave and Rants of everything under the sun.

I don’t have any plans of setting up a personal blog (I know how lazy I am in writing) but there are times that I would want to talk about things I don’t normally do or an event I went to or anything significant that is happening in my life. Since this blog has been more of a review-hobby-related-blog, it was difficult for me to suddenly switch in my drama-personal mode. There are days that I want to talk and talk and talk about random things. I decided to have this little corner every month for myself. Yes, you read it right. This is a regular monthly post. As to when I’ll post it, I don’t know yet. As of now, anytime during the month would do. I still have to figure it out.

Challenge Update

The title speaks for itself. Photo from Tumblr.

I’m having 4 challenges this year. Three book related challenges and one drama series challenge. Since WUF is more on current things and blog updates, I decided to have a separate update post. This is a required monthly post any day for the first week of the month.

ReRun Review Challenge

Few little changes.

I’m making this as an every other month challenge to give way for new series as well. It would eat most of time if I’ll have this as a monthly activity. Drama series are not that easy to watch. It requires patience and commitment. And as I always say, I’m not an avid fan of those two. I just learned to live with it and seek the most convenient way for me to do things I should do.

There goes my hefty list. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and posting a lot of posts it on my computer plus writing it down in my planner. I’m OC and I’m lousy. Constant reminder definitely won’t hurt.

Photo Credit: Korean Drama, DarkICe782, IswakFanSubs, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Pinoyshow, PinoyRebyu, HarperTeen


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