Won’t Last a Day Without You


I know that’s your first reaction just by reading the title of this review. I can’t blame you even my boyfriend weirdly looked at me when I picked this up the other day. Well, I admit Sarah Geronimo is my guilty pleasure.

Won’t Last a Day Without You is one of those Romantic Comedy films that will make you shudder not because of heartfelt romance but of uber the top romantic clichés. That is one of the reasons why I don’t watch films like this in cinemas. I think paying Php 170-180 for a movie ticket isn’t worth it. I can always rent Filipino films in Video City anyway. So why waste money if you can watch this at home (as many times as you want) for just Php 16?

Type HerWon’t Last A Day Without You

Star Cinema and Viva Films, 110 Minutes
Released on November 30, 2011
Romance, Comedy

Watched in April 2012

Awarded radio personality George Harrison Apostol, known as DJ Heidee to her listeners (Sarah Geronimo), provides love advice to people who are having problems in their relationships.

One night, DJ Heidee receives a call from a girl named Melissa (Megan Young) who is asking advice on how to break up with her boyfriend Andrew (Gerald Anderson). Unfortunately, Andrew is listening to the same program and hears Heidee telling Melissa how they should break up. Andrew blames Heidee for what happened and even threatens to sue her for giving that particular advice.

In order to prevent a legal battle, and to ease her conscience, Heidee decides to help Andrew win Melissa back. In the process of getting the two together, Andrew and Heidee begin to feel an attraction toward each other. Will they be able to overcome their past and become lovers instead?

Director: Raz dela Torre
Writers: Melissa Mae Chua & Raz dela Torre

Stars: Sarah Geronimo, Gerald Anderson & Joey De Leon


This is the second time I watched a Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson film. (I can hear you saying “Yuck” again.) And I have to give them credit for making this way better than their first movie team up. The plot made this film different. It’s a little plausible and it’s cheesy (or a ka-o.a-yan) scenes is a bit bearable (except for the ending).

The story has more characters this time and is more involved in the plot. The cast they have in this film are more fun to watch than those in I’ve Fallen for You. My personal favorites were John “Sweet” Lapus and Joey De Leon. Joey is so cool playing the role of George’s rock star playboy dad. He had the rock star look perfected: black thick eyeliner, black shirts, spike hair and accessories. And he allows his kids to call him Pablo! Sweet isn’t too gay in this film. He’s still funny. And I like him as DJ Ram. He’s sweet without being pa-sweet.

I like Sarah’s role in this film. Natuwa ako kay DJ Heidee. I love the first part of the film where they’re showing clips of DJ Heidee giving brutal advices to her lovesick listeners. A few lines I like are:

Caller #1: Paano ako mapapansin ng crush ko?
DJ Heidee: Eh di mag-planking ka.

Caller #2: Kinakaliwa ako ng boyfriend ko.
DJ Heidee: Kumanan ka. Iwan mo.

Caller #3: Iniwan ako ng girlfriend ko.
DJ Heidee: Nasaan ka? Ipapasundo kita.

But I love this best:

Tigilan na yan! Bawal mai-inlove. Nakamamatay!

It reminds me of this signage I see in EDSA every day.

As much as I love her role, I still don’t find her acting effective. This is her 5th film now (if I’m not mistaken) I was hoping to see a mature, improved acting. There’s a fine line between too less and too much and Sarah crossed that line. If Sweet (John Lapus) isn’t pasweet, Sarah is uber pasweet.

My reaction to Gerald’s acting was unexpected. Nakakaumay. His other films show casted his acting abilities but in this film I find it usual. There’s nothing new. No improvement. He’s stuck. I don’t know if I watched too many of his films (3rd film to date) or his Bugoy role in television is forever seeded in my head I can’t see the difference.

I would have given this film 3 Kiss Marks given the good plot but the ending ruined everything. Masyadong OA to the point na nakaka-bwiset na. That is why my rating ended up with 2.5 Kiss Marks.

Bad: Read or watched but I’m not impressed.

2 Drama Awards for the acting. May effort naman eh. 


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Blurb: Wikipedia
Photo Credits: Wikipedia, Tumblr
Video Credits: ABSstarcinema via YouTube


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