Fifty Shades of Fucked Up

This is my first post for Miss A Talks and here I am talking about Fifty Shades of Grey. I really don’t want to review this book so I decided to put it here. I’m warning you, if you like Fifty Shades Trilogy and do not want to read/hear anything negative about it then do not read this post.

I’ve been listening to Cosmo Radio for the past week and there’s not a single day that they don’t mention or talk about this book! OMG. My brain’s gonna explode with how crappy this book is. I know, I should just change the channel but I love Cosmo Radio. The only good thing about hearing these hosts talk about Fifty Shades of Grey is that, they don’t like it too. Thank God, I’m not the only one.

Before I rant relentlessly, let me briefly explain why I gave the first book 2 Kiss Marks, the second book 3 Kiss Marks and the last book 2 Kiss Marks. I have a feeling someone might check my ratings and call me hypocrite for bashing this trilogy then give it 2-3-2 ratings.

Fifty Shades of Grey is poorly written but the story is captivating.

Fifty Shades of Darker explained why Grey is so fucked up and it was way better than the first book. It has a little sense—just a little. I was hoping it’s the last book so why not give it three stars.

Fifty Shades of Freed is a fucking joke. The issues are repetitive and it’s unbelievable that Anastasia agreed to get a Depo Vera shot. They’re so sexually active and Ana’s inner goddess is (most of the time) on a rampage. Possible common side effects of this contraception are decreased sex drive and difficulty reaching orgasm. We cannot stop the side effects because the injection can’t be reversed once it has been given.

The only thing I found unique in this series is the exchange of emails.

Laters, Baby

It was just now that I realized how big Fifty Shades of Grey is. It took the world by storm. I thought the hype is only within the international reading community but hearing it in radios, seeing it in entertainment websites and television shows means it was that big. The real game in the US Music Industry is with radio airplay and hit charts, DJs talking about Fifty Shades of Grey are proof that it was popular. Plus, the Ellen DeGeneres spoof and promotion made this book so well-known. Look at it now, the three books are in the top three spots of numerous bestselling lists all over the world. It’s also the second most bashed series, next to Twilight.

It would have been okay if I only hear it in one channel but almost all talk/entertainment channels on this online streaming has Fifty Shades on it! Come on America; get over Fifty Shades of Grey! But I guess that won’t happen. They really are serious of making Fifty Shades of Grey a movie. Admit it people, girls like it because Grey is hot. And that’s that. The rest is crap. If they make Ryan Gosling play Christian Grey then the movie might be a hit—because Ryan Gosling is hot. That’s it and nothing else. I might even watch the movie; I want to see Ryan Gosling naked, of course! But try getting an actor who’s not as good-looking, hot and eye candy as Ryan Gosling or Ian Somerhalder, I assure you the movie would be a major flop. (E.g. Ryan G. vs. Ben Stiller or Ian S. vs. Adam Sandler)

 What Kenny of Wake Up with Taylor said is true;

Fifty Shades of Grey is like a horror movie.

— I couldn’t agree more.

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6 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Fucked Up

  1. sn2snblog says:

    I thought the story was weak too, although you point out some other obvious issues with it here, My main grievance is how people are suddenly all reading because is a “seedy” book, and there’s some fantastically beautiful books out there being missed.

    You can check out my post here if you like :

    Would love to know your thoughts on the post. 🙂

    (sorry if your against linking in the comments, just remove it if you are.)

    • Alona says:

      My main grievance is how people are suddenly all reading because is a “seedy” book, and there’s some fantastically beautiful books out there being missed.


  2. avielabley says:

    Hi Alona! It’s been a long time that I visit your Blog site. I already resigned on my job so now I have a plenty of time to read blogs. I am happy about that fact. ^^ hahaha! And wow! your current post is about “50 Shades Trilogy”. Actually, I am supposed to read this because my friend gave me an e-book. Hmmm.. It’s a Horror Story.. I was thrilled about that. HAHA! I miss you! ^^v

    • Alona says:

      Hi girl! Its been a long time! Its nice to hear from you again.

      Ahm, 50 Shades is not a horror novel. Its an erotic read. I used it as a comparison on my experience with all this fiasco going on with this trilogy.

      Aw. I’m jealous you have free time to check on blogs. (I wish I have the time too.) I guess I’ll be a little active in the next months because finally my Korean class in UP is over! 🙂

      • avielabley says:

        HAHA! It’s not a HORROR novel but an EROTIC read. The way you use “Fvckd up” in here really do make sense now. LOL! Well, I can’t say anything unless I’ve started to read it.

        Oh really? You took up Korean Class. Cool! ^^~ I’ll look forward on your blogs.. Himnaeyo…Alona-ssi!! Fighting!

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