Queen Inhyun’s Man

There are two drama genres Koreans are good at—Historical and Romantic-Comedy. Queen Inhyun’s Man is a mixture of both. I don’t usually watch historical drama but I got interested with it just recently because of Dong Yi. Since this drama is always part of the top ten most watched series in MDL, I gave it a shot.

Type Her인현왕후의 남자 / Queen Inhyun’s Man

tvN, 16 Episodes
Broadcast Period 4/18/12-6/7/12
Historical Romance, Fantasy, Melodrama

Watched on June 2012

A romantic comedy drama about a classic scholar who arrives 300 years into the modern times from the Chosun through time warp and meets a delinquent actress.

Director: Kim Byeong Soo
Writer: Song Jae Jeong

Cast: Ji Hyun Woo, Yoo In Na, Kim Jin Woo, Ga Deuk Hi

Queen Inhyun’s Man has a good plot. One of the things I liked in this drama is it has a separate story going on both in the past and in the present. It’s not merely about a guy who accidentally travelled into the future. The monarchial politics in Kim Boong Do’s time made the drama a lot interesting. The uncertainty of Kim Boong Do’s existence in the future will keep you guessing of how the drama would end. I honestly was expecting Choi Hee Jin to meet a reincarnation of Boong Do but it didn’t end that way. I know the plot doesn’t sound new but Queen Inhyun’s Man had something that I don’t often see in mainstream Korean dramas.

In recent years, no matter how nice I find a Korean drama is, I always bitch about their drama’s romanticism. I know Koreans are conservative but all you get are occasional chaste kisses, few hugs and holding hands. For Pete’s sake, it’s the 21st century! I’m not asking for a smoking hot love scene, I just want them to convince me that the protagonists are truly, madly and deeply in love. Plus, one or two passionate kisses won’t hurt right? Since I knew how fastidious Koreans are with intimate scenes and QIM is part historical drama, I’m already expecting to see very little physical contact from Hee Jin and Boong Do. But oh my, I was wrong.

As I’ve said QIM has something I haven’t seen yet in Korean dramas. It has the right amount of romance that would make your toes curl. And the kissing scenes? (Yes, it’s plural.) Oh man, the tip toe kiss is sooo passionate! The two of them are so mature in playing their roles and they didn’t let awkwardness get in between their acting. It might have something to do with Hyun Woo and In Na’s age but it’s still so nice to watch a romantic drama with real romance in it. They were not real life sweethearts while filming the series but they did become a couple after the drama finished airing in Korea.

The Tip Toe Kiss

The Tip Toe Kiss

The Car Kiss

It’s the first time I have watched Hyun Woo and In Na. I know In Na’s not new in the business but this is her first big break while Hyun Woo is a budding new artist. For starters, they are fine. They fit their roles and they did a good job in portraying them. In Na is cute, she’s a refreshing face to see in dramas and she’s naturally sweet. Hyun Woo is not what I call eye candy but he really looks nice when he is wearing hanbok. They have a charming chemistry together and this helped the drama showcase the romance aspect of QIM.

Ji Hyun Woo in Hanbok as Kim Boong Do

Ji Hyun Woo in Hanbok as Kim Boong Do

QIM’s story was written well. However, it’s kind of impossible that every time Boong Do goes back to the past and changes the history it doesn’t affect the future. The stories written in history books were changed but Hee Jin’s time is the same! I may sound stereotype, but hey, all films/series I have seen plus the books I’ve read with the same theme are adamant in changing the past because it might greatly change the future or they can’t change it at all. Other than that, the story ran smoothly and it was new to me. The intimate scenes really made a difference.

My rating is 4 Kiss Marks. Tired of patweetum Kdramas? Watch QIM!

Amazing: I’m mesmerized.

4 Drama Awards. Ah, finally real drama actors!

Worthy of my praise.

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1 Wikipedia, Hancinema
Photo Credit: soompi. koreaportal, eggroohoho, Hancinema


6 thoughts on “Queen Inhyun’s Man

  1. Fangdrama says:

    Just started watching this show. I probably couldn’t really comprehend the look of Hyun Woo. Probably too obsessed with rooftop prince. I believe the travellng back and forth fever is on. 😀

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