“I Do”

I don’t like going to reunions, be it with high school friends, college batchmates, and even family members. They all have the same questions. If you’re single they’ll ask, “Do you have a boyfriend?” When you’re in a relationship, they’ll say, “How long have you been together?” or “Kayo pa?” If you’ll say yes, they’ll follow it up with the dreaded question, “When are you two getting married?

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I get those questions a lot these days. That is why I’m always off-line in FB chat. Its tiring answering those questions again and again. It’s even harder explaining your side when they don’t like your answer. One time my cousin spotted me online and started asking me how am I doing. We exchanged pleasantries and then suddenly our topic went to marriage. She said she wants to get married once she gets back. I told her to go ahead and I’m happy for her. She asked me of when do I plan to tie the knot. I honestly answered her even though I’m starting to get annoyed and said that I’m not thinking of it yet, that maybe in five or six years I would eventually get married. She then insisted that I’m not getting any younger and I should get married too etc. etc. I didn’t answer. I know its rude but I logged out. It’s useless to explain to someone whose mind is closed to what she believes. My cousin is also my best friend and I love her. But it doesn’t mean that because she wants to get married I should too.

Most people think that 25 is the right age to get married and start a family. I’d say to most it’s true but not with me. I know my biological clock is ticking but do I have to get married just because of that? Of course, I want to get married too. But NOT NOW. I will not explain it in detail. I have my reasons. I have my priorities. I have my obligations. And above all that, I am not yet ready. There is a chance that I might regret my decision of staying where I am now but that would be because of my own doing. I would want to feel that way than regret getting married early because I felt pressured.

Dear You:

I’ll say “I Do” when I want to.
I’ll say “I Do” when I’m ready.
I’ll say “I Do” when the right time comes.
So please stop asking. I promise you, when it comes and it happens, you will know.


Oh my, I’m being dramatic. Buti na lang babae ako. I have something to blame. Hormones.

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