My Book Boyfriend (2): Landon Lucas Maxfield

What’s with guys named Lucas? Look, my second MBB is another Lucas! I read Tammara Webber‘s Easy a few months back and I knew right then & there that I have my new fictional crush. Too bad he has the same name as Herasco. I would have wanted to have a different name for my MBB but I guess the name Lucas works for rock stars and bad boys. 🙂

Type Her Landon Lucas Maxfield

••● 21 years old
••● Nickname: Lucas
••● Cocky & self-sure
••● Tattooed and too hot for words
••● Hobby: Sketches
••● Senior College Student
••● Economics Class Tutor
••● Works part time at Starbucks
••● Parking Enforcement Officer


Lucas has tattooed designs wrapped around his wrists, contiguous symbols and script running up both arms and disappearing into the sleeves of the gray knit shirt, which were shoved above his elbows. Webber, Tammara. Easy. Amazon: Tammara Webber, 2012: 40

He is not just your average badass, hot guy. He is sexy as hell. And what makes him über sexy? His brains. This guy is smart. (And he wears eyeglasses!)

Lucas got me in the scene where he was dancing very close with Jacqueline. His hands were spread across her lower back while her fingers are locked behind his neck.

His gaze was penetrating. Then they had this conversation:

J: “S-so what’s your major?”
L: “Do you really want to talk about that?”

J: “As opposed to talking about what?”
L: “As opposed to not talking.”

J: “I don’t know what you mean.”
L: “Yes, you do.”

My gaad! I’ll trade places with you, Jacqueline! Haha.

Imagine how Webber described that scene in the book. Oh, you’ll like it too.

My favorite quotes from him are these:

I never wanted you to get hurt, but I wanted to take you from him.

A guy who knows what he wants and wouldn’t settle for anything less. Smart.

I don’t want to be your rebound, Jacqueline.

Lucas is not superficial. He has his own drama, story, and issues. He isn’t just a hot guy. He is a man with history. And that’s what I like most about him.

There you have it! If you haven’t read Easy yet, what are you waiting for? Get a copy and read it!

Excerpts from: Easy by Tammara Webber
(Grab a copy of the book here)
Webber, Tammara. Easy. Amazon: Tammara Webber, 2012
Conversation pg. 38, Quote 1 pg. 164, Quote 2 pg. 212

BTW, have you noticed that there are no images of how I pictured Lucas? Well, there had been changes for MBB since the last time I made a post. Images are no longer included in MBBs. I know, that sucks right? Missie explained it in this post. I would still want you guys to know who I pictured for my MBBs, so I’m telling you who it would be and link the site where you can see those images. (That’s the least I can do)

My Landon Lucas Maxfield is being played by a ragged, badass looking Chace Crawford. He is a Hollywood actor well known for his role as Nate Archibald in the series Gossip Girl.

    • Image 1 – As Lucas with the motorcycle.
    • Image 2 – In bed. I see him more as Landon in this image.
    • Image 3Images used in this People Magazine (Hottest Bachelors, Vol. 71, No. 29) article “Chace Crawford Bachelor # 1” by Elizabeth Leonard & Jennifer Garcia.

Very different from the “Nate” look, right?


Note: The My Book Boyfriend meme officially ended on January 13, 2013 as Missie and Leslie finally raised the curtain and retire hosting the meme. I didn’t had too many MBBs but I had fun doing this whenever I can. To read more of the announcement, read Leslie’s post here.

My Book Boyfriend (2)

MBB is a meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader. It’s a post where fan girl readers (like me) swoon over boys in books.

Photo Credit: Goodreads


11 thoughts on “My Book Boyfriend (2): Landon Lucas Maxfield

  1. My keeper shelf (@Mykeepershelf) says:

    I admit this book has sort of been on my radar but after seeing your explanation and quotes I need to move it right up on my TBR list. I’m a complete sucker for a tattooed guy with brains and Chase as your Landon Lucas Maxfield sounds perfect!

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