I don’t frequent BookSale. Not because I’m maarte, I have pre-loved books and I would rather buy them than brand new copies since they’re cheaper. I just don’t like how the books are shelved in BookSale branches. They weren’t arranged by genre but by binding which makes it difficult to look for books in genres I usually read. I’m a YA & Adult Contemporary reader and you don’t often see YA books in their stores. So it was a surprise that most of the books I bought this month are from BookSale.

BookSale Haul

Yes, the cat has to be in the picture.

Dairy Queen (Dairy Queen, #1) by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
The Off Season (Dairy Queen, #2) by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Ivy (Ivy, #1) by Julie Hearn
The Overnight Socialite: A Novel by Bridie Clark
Steel by Carrie Vaughn (not included in the photo)

From NBS Sale:
Defying the Diva by D. Anne Love
North of Beautiful by Justina Chen

Borrowed from Angus of Book Rhapsody:
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

I bought these books in SM North EDSA branch. I checked Megamall & Cubao branches but the books are shelved like crazy. I saw HB copies of Graceling (P60) and The Off Season (P20?!) in Megamall that made me devastated because they are a lot cheaper from the copies I bought in other BS branches.

Aside from finding good bargain books in BS, what made my experience worthwhile was this kid:

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” – Emilie Buchwald

I was in a crappy mood when I went to BS last Friday after spending 18+ hours in the office. It was refreshing to see kids like her totally captivated in books. Most kids I see today either has iPad or PSP in their hands. She made me smile. Really smile. I wish my youngest sister is like her.

I never intended to buy that many books since I still have piles of physical books to read at home. But… I can’t help it. If most women relieve stress by endless shopping, this is my way of doing it. And I’m in A LOT of stress these days. Hahaha. (Yeah, this is me making excuses. Meh.)


Shelved (3) features the books I bought, received or borrowed for the past month(s).


3 thoughts on “BookSale

  1. Alona says:

    Oh, I didn’t include it this post because I’ll give it you. 🙂 But since you asked for it, I’ll edit this post once I get back. Kaw pa, lakas mo sakin eh. *wink*

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