What’s Up, Friday? (9)

Updates of what’s keeping me busy and what’s in store for the month.

December is finally here! We’re down to eighteen days before Christmas and twenty-four days before 2013! It feels like January was only yesterday. Now, it’s the holiday season and you can feel it everywhere. The streets are full of Christmas decors, malls are now extending their hours, the traffic is worse than ever, the weather is getting cold, and my allergy is back.

Its gonna be a busy month for me with work (as usual) and my social life (but not as busy as last year). I have a wedding to attend tomorrow though I’m really, really thinking twice if I’ll go (Wilson’s going to kill me if I won’t come). There are movies I have to watch. TFG’s Christmas party will be on the 15th. Then I have to go home for the holidays. My high school class reunion is on the 29th but I’m not sure if that will push through, I think they aren’t interested. No one is replying to my emails and shout outs. It’s just a few weeks before 2013 and I’m not done with all my reading challenges yet! Weeeee. Can we make December a little longer?

Watch Pad


Because I don’t have time for series this month, I have to put Faith on hold. I know I’d been trying to watch this for 3 months now but I can’t find the patience to finish this yet. I didn’t plan to watch Love Rain last month, but I happen to get hold of a copy. I’m having a hard time finding a good drama series these days. There are a lot of Historical Dramas coming out and I’m getting tired of it. I still have a dozen of new dramas to watch but as I have said, I don’t have the patience lately.

I promise to resume watching & reviewing drama series on a timely manner next
month—eeerrr, next year. And instead of watching it online, I’ll go back to DVDs since I find it more effective.

I’m waiting for these two movies this month.

I’ve been wanting to watch this since August!

I’m not sure if I can still watch this in theaters.

Book Corner

Currently Reading

I’m not done yet with Cloud Atlas. But as for what interest me these days, it would be Urban Fantasy, Historical Romance and a few Chick-Lit novels.

Finally, I’m finish with Sloosha’s Crossin’. I have been reading this for three months na.

Next Read

I started reading this a few days ago and the first couple of pages are catchy. I would probably read this before the end of the year.

I’ll put everything else on hold this December because I need a break from stress and my hectic schedule. So please bear with me if I’ll be a little lazy with blogging, tweeting and socializing online in the next few weeks. I’ll be scheduling post across the month so Off The Wall would stay alive while I go somewhere and hibernate.

Photo Credit: FilmsBlitz, Movie Poster, Urban Times, Bastard Books



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