Turning a New Leaf

Anneonghayeso! How’s everyone? I should have posted this a week ago but my body is still on vacation and my brain refuses to do anything else but hibernate. I was in the province for a few days and the internet connection/3G there is very slooooow. Jeff and I also went to Vigan that is why I was busy for the past week. I started this year travelling so maybe I’ll have a lot of that in 2013. Now, let’s talk about my past year.

2012 is a difficult year. Many things happened and I wouldn’t say it all went well. It’s the busiest year I had since college and I had a hard time balancing things with work, life, love, socializing, reading and me. I had a lot of first this year. Some of them not nice but most of them are okay. I don’t want to go into specifics since this isn’t a personal blog (okay, a little). Let’s just say, this is an end of year post and I don’t want to focus on the negative.

I may have had complicated issues in other aspects of my life but 2012 had been a wonderful bookish and blogging year. I was busy and tired most of the time; books and blogging became my outlet to temporarily forget what I’m going through. They became my stress reliever and they made me feel better once I’ve wrote something down. Here are the highlights of my year:

Books and Reading.

    • In my year-end post last year, I decided to finish 100 books but then I changed my mind and made it 200. By September, I realized finishing 200 is impossible so I lessened it to 150. When I checked my Goodreads Challenge, look at the books I’ve read:

For the books: Check my 2012 Reading List.

I finished more than 200 books! It was not easy. I stopped counting by November. I said to myself, if I can finish it then good, if not then better luck next year. But hey, I made it!

    • My other challenges were not as a good as my GR Challenge though. I didn’t finish my Off The Shelf and Free Reads Challenge. It made me realize that I really, really, really suck in planning the books I’ll read.

I originally plan to read 15 books for both challenges then I lessened it by September. I still didn’t finish it.

    • If it was the year of British invasion in the music scene, it had been a year of Indie Authors in the publishing world. 50% of the books I’ve read this year are from Indie Authors. Most of them are Contemporary and it’s also the birth of New Adult fiction.


According to GR, this is the longest book I’ve read for 2012. Ashley is an Indie Author.

    • Last year I plan to read at least one classic but thanks to TFG’s monthly book discussion, I read 4 classic novels! Woot!

Plans for 2013:
Since I know I’m not really good at Reading Plans, I would like to challenge myself and stick to it this year. I’m thinking of joining Tina’s monthly Required Reading Challenge but I don’t know if I can really make myself commit to it. So the first quarter of 2013 will be a trial, I would list 4 books I want to read (including TFG’s book of the month) in my planner (or in my Required Reading post, if ever I decide to join) and see how it goes. There will be a theme for every month because I noticed that’s the way I pick up random books/eBooks I read in recent years. If ever I completed 2 out of 3 months, I would say I’m in it for the whole year. I’m not really expecting to finish every month but completing 6 months out of 12 would already be an accomplishment for a “random” reader like me.

I’m going for 64 books in my Goodreads Reading Challenge. Originally, I only want 52 books (1 book/week) but I added the 12 books TFG will have this year.

This year I would aim for 2 Classic Novels. One of them would be by Jane Austen.

Blogging and Writing.

    • I started most of my memes and features this year. It’s still a struggle finding time to write post but I’m getting used to it. Writing is a lot easier now compared to when I first started.
    • I didn’t finish my novel (again) but I would still like to try it. Hopefully, in the near future. (I just don’t know if there really is that “near future”. LOL)

Plans for 2013:
I will be removing some of the memes I planned to do last year but was not able to push through.



These will continue. Shelved and WUF will still be monthly but there would be month(s) that I might miss it. Miss A. Talks, MBB and Drama Rerun are semi-regular post. Hopefully at least 4 post each a year.


Movie and Series.

  • I watched few movies and series this year because I was kinda busy but I managed to post reviews every month.
  • Because of my addiction with KDramas, I enrolled in UP for Korean Language Class Module 1 last summer. I was with Sheryl and Kwesi. It was fun. Kwesi didn’t finish it though.

Plans for 2013:
At least one drama series and movie review every month. Since my reading goal for this year isn’t as big as last year, I guess I would have time for this now. I miss watching drama series too.

I want to continue my Korean Class. There is a possibility I’ll enroll again this summer for Module 2. I hope there would be enough students so UP will push through with the class.

Book Club: The Filipino Group.

TFG is the highlight of my year. I’ve been part of this group for 18 months now. I read books I never thought of reading, tried new authors, gained friends and found a new family.

Plans for 2013:
I plan to read all books to be discussed this year. I don’t know if I can attend all the F2F Book Discussions because I wouldn’t know if I would have other important events I’d need to attend this year. But just like last year, I would always look forward to our monthly meet ups.


Life, Love and Friendship.

The year of the dragon was harsh for a rabbit like me. Whenever someone asks me how’s my 2012, I always answer with one word–hard. My friends and those close to me knows what I’ve been through. But no matter how difficult it was, I am thankful. Because I learned and the experiences made me stronger.

I don’t know what lies ahead for the year of the snake. I suck at resolutions so I’ll focus on one word this year. 2013 will be…


8 thoughts on “Turning a New Leaf

    • Alona says:

      Hi Jackie! I honestly don’t know! Hahaha. There are months that I’m a slow reader specially when I enrolled for a summer class. But then there are days that all I do is read and I sometimes finish 2 eBooks a day. 🙂

  1. Monique says:

    Come on over and join the Required Reading Gang! It’s fun, and no one will pick at you if you don’t get to finish the books you listed down. (It always happens to me, so.) See you at the F2Fs, Alona! 😀

  2. Angus Miranda says:

    I hope all of us will have a better year. 2012 was also a bit of a struggle for me, particularly the last quarter. But yeah, no specifics here in the comments section. 😀

    See you soon!

  3. Tina says:

    Amazing, 200. Maybe I shouldn’t keep track of the stuff I read anymore. Haha. 😀 Anyway, happy 2013, Alona! I’m really glad we grew closer this year. 🙂 More sleepless overnights and road trips to come! Oh, and welcome to Required Reading, too! 🙂

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