The Breakup Diaries

And all it took for her self-esteem to shrink from its former size XL to a diminutive, breath-constricting size XXS were three words: “This isn’t working.

I can very relate to Monica’s statement. It had happened to me. The only difference is the three words. My Ex said, “I need space.”

The Breakup Diaries by Maya O. Calica
The Breakup Diaries by Maya O. Calica

Paperback, Summit, 144 pages
Chick Lit, Romance

Read from November 26 to December 10, 2012

The Anatomy of a Breakup…Twenty-three-year-old self-proclaimed nice Girl Monica Tanseco is finding out the hard way that in order to survive a breakup, you have to grow up – fast. Sure, breaking up is hard to do, but who knew it involved:

– Denial, followed by desperate bid to get back together involving promises to do everything to make him happy
– Sever loss of sleep, appetite and self-esteem
– Acute paralysis – or maybe death – of good judgment
– Compulsive tendencies to document every event, feeling and fantasy in a manner of reporter trying to make sense of things
– More compulsive tendencies to over-examine relationship carcass and over-analyze cause of death as couple
– Getting a life

When her perfect boyfriend – college hoop star certified hottie and young hotshot eagle Itos Ongpauco – decided to call it quits, Monica, barista by day and dreamer by night, found herseld stepping out from behind the coffee counter and out of her comfort zone – into the mad world of magazine publishing.

While starting out at the bottom of the food chain as the overworked, unpaid intern at “M” magazine can obliterate any trace of self-esteem, anything – including bitchy bosses, temperamental photographers, rather dull but oh-so-hot male models – is a welcome balm to her pains. Never mind that her freebie-obsessed boss treats her like an on-call, 24-hour proxy service. Never mind, that, sometimes, when she’s had too much alcohol, male models become irresistible. Never mind that, despite having just had her heart broken, the possibility of love presents itself again.


There really is no easy way to survive a break up especially if you are the one left behind. It’s nice to read books and articles about it but there is no black and white systematic instruction of how one can get past the heartache. The road to recovery is not the same for everyone. Sometimes a person would take just weeks to bounce back; others take longer, months, even years. It doesn’t matter if the relationship lasted 5 days or 5 years, the emotional investment you gave in the relationship will gauge your recovery process. It’s a little cliché but I think there is some truth with the statement, “The more you love, the more it hurts.”

Monica Tanseco is a nice girl who had her heart broken by a Class-A jerk. This book is her journal entries of how she handled the break up and how she recovered from it. I did relate to her situation but I think some things she did to survive it are a little implausible. Thinking of how she loved and adored Itos for a long time, I don’t think a month was enough for her to totally get past everything. I would have believed it if it took her 3-6 months to reinvent herself, go into the dating scene, be in a relationship or simply enjoy being single. A month is susceptible to a rebound.

I also didn’t see the difference between Monica and Monique. I had a hard time imagining Monica, how much more her alter ego, Monique? Since it was written as journal entries, it’s hard to picture when she’s being the super-sweet-and-nice-Monica to the fun-fearless-bold-Monique. Or maybe the break up messed up her brain really bad. Haha. Seriously, she became better but not a different person all together.

One of the characters I had fun reading was Jordasche. Yes, he’s a happy-go-lucky-guy you wouldn’t ever think of bringing home to your mother but I have to admit he is so funny. I was thinking of Fabio Ide the whole time I’m reading this. And I love the way Tanseco described him:

A caramel macchiato? Yum! (Yep, I put highlights in my books but I’m using a colored magic tape so it won’t ruin the pages.)

In general, the novella is light and amusing. It shows how one person can go crazy with a break up. There are people who drastically change after they’ve been heartbroken. I only wish that the relationship between Beach and Monica didn’t happen that fast. I would still count it as rebound thinking it was just a month after Itos broke up with her. Monica’s trysts with Jordasche then with Beach are not normal situations someone who moved on would go into. Or maybe, I’m being judgmental. Like I said, the “moving on” phase is different for everybody. But I think we should still be smart even if we’re heartbroken.

Maya has a point, right?

Mediocre: I can tolerate it but I want more!

Mediocre: I can tolerate it but I want more!

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Book # 190 of 2012

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