What’s Up, Friday? (10)

Updates of what’s keeping me busy and what’s in store for the month.

Where did the days go? Hey, February you came too soon. I’m not ready for you yet! -_-

I didn’t make a WUF post for January because aside from being busy (and lazy) I consider it as my blog-editing month in prep for the year. I also didn’t post that much because I think I’m having a blogger’s block. I’m also preoccupied for the past weeks with work, my health and RO2 (yep, I play online games and I have to level up!). Hopefully, I can manage my time better this February.


I’m not updated with the series coming out this year. I saw a couple of KDramas GMA 7 will run for 2013 and most of them are promising. I haven’t had the time to browse the net to see what drama to watch. My preference for dramas recently changed as well. I’d still go for mainstream top rated series, rom-coms and melodramas but if its 20+ eps, I’d have second thoughts. I’m not cut out for long dramas lately. The problem is the series that came out late last year are that long. Saying I’m having a hard time looking for a drama to watch is an understatement.

Rooftop Prince

Yes, this one’s 20 eps but I don’t have a choice, right? I’m done with 10+ eps (I think). The first six episodes are so funny. I skipped some eps after the Crowned Prince and his minions learned the ins and outs of the city. I’d finish the series, ahm, in a couple of days perhaps? *grins*

Innocent Man

This one’s another 20 eps (See? They’re all long dramas!). I already watched the first episode to see if I’d be interested. Well… it’s too melodramatic. I don’t know if I’ll continue watching it. I think I would. Eventually.


The best way to start a year is to watch yummy, cute boys. Mario Maurer is definitely one of the cutest guys I’ve seen in the big screen. Technically, in my TV set.

Book Corner

One of my goals this year is to lessen my TBR (At least the physical books. Ebooks? Impossible). I joined Tina’s Required Reading challenge last month but have yet to make a post. I told you, blogger’s block. I’ll post my Feb’s RR in a few days.

Currently Reading

This is a spillover from my Jan’s reading plan. I wanted to finish it last month but another angel series distracted me. Blame Nalingi Sinh.

Next Read

I’d go for romance novels this month (which is nothing new) but I’d try not to read sappy romances. I’ll include a link in this post once I publish my February Required Reading post.

I’m not really sure if I’ll have my blogging/reading mojo back in the coming weeks. I sometimes read but most of them are random downloads. It’s still a struggle following a reading plan. I’m not giving up though. As for watching drama series and movies, I’ll try to fit it in. Promise. Let’s say, RO2 and I are on a honeymoon. My addiction to the game will pass, just not now.

For those who are playing, add me up. I’m a Ranger (but not Yellow). Name’s SamanthaSaria and I’m in Jormungand server. See you in the game!

Photo Credit: KoreanDrama


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