Suddenly It’s Magic

Filipino rom-com movies lost its magic to me in recent years. I didn’t expect this to be different. And I’m right. It’s not magical. It’s the tried and tested rom-com formula.

Type Her Suddenly It’s Magic

Star Cinema, 110 mins
Released on October 23, 2012
Romantic Comedy

Watched in December, 2012

Joey Hermosa (Erich Gonzales) and Marcus Hanson (Mario Maurer) only have two things in common.

One: they live to make fairy-tale romances happen — Joey through her exquisite wedding cakes; Marcus through the numerous romantic comedies he stars in.

Two: their own love stories do not have the fairy-tale happy endings — she was just recently dumped at the altar; he just discovered that his on-screen partner and real-life girlfriend had fallen in love with another man.

These two broken-hearted people will find love again when they least expect it. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a happy ever after!1

Director: Rory B. Quintos
Writers: Enrico Santos & Vanessa Valdez

Stars: Mario Maurer, Erich Gonzales, Baifern Pimchanok, Joross Gamboa, Cacai Bautista


I was not looking for a movie that will sweep me off my feet because of its awesomeness. I want a light, amusing movie and Suddenly It’s Magic fits that bill that’s why I watched it. But having no expectations will not keep me from noticing that everything in this film was already shown in other rom-com movies. It does work but if you’re burnout in watching the same scenes you see in rom-com films for the past decade, I’m sure you’ll want to skip this.

The story is the usual, meaning you can guess what would happen less than half way of the film. Certain scenes made me laugh especially the ones with Mario and Joross Gamboa. But then the gay best friend formula in rom-coms always works, right? I find the story half baked, really. I wish the writers were Thais. Let’s admit it, they write better realistic stories for light movies like this.

As for the cast’s acting, I’m torn between liking and hating it. I can’t say it’s okay but it’s not bad either. I find some scenes superficial and less emotional, probably because 70% of it is in English. I noticed that the dramatic scenes didn’t reach the height it should be because the actors are struggling with the language. One of the things I find impossible is when Erich speaks in a mix of English, Filipino, & Ilocano, Mario understands it all.

I also didn’t see the chemistry between Mario and Erich. It would have been better if they looked for a better partner for Mario. I know Erich has a resemblance to Baifren but it doesn’t mean that because the Baifren-Mario tandem worked, it would also be the same with Erich. I won’t call her acting bad though it didn’t reach me. Mario doesn’t have to do much in the film because all he needs to do is be cute and he is. But we know how easily he can go in to character if needed (Love of Siam, yes?)

The good thing about this film is how the directors added the traditions of each country. The shots in Ilocos are really good and a plus in our tourism. If you’ve never been there, you’d want to visit the place. I speak Ilocano, my province is in Pangasinan, and I hate to admit it but I haven’t seen the beauty of Ilocos yet. Another twist I like in the film is Baifren’s cameo role. I love seeing her in this film, I don’t know why. I also love Mario’s assistant in the movie. Her accent is so awesooome! She speaks better English from all of them!

What made this film bankable was Mario Maurer’s sudden popularity here in the country. Frankly he’s the reason I watched the film. I’d seen how Erich evolved from her SCQ days but I’m no fan. I did enjoy half of the film. I just love seeing Mario, really. He is soooo cute!

Bad: Read or watched but I’m not impressed.

Bad: Read or watched but I’m not impressed.



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[1] Wikipedia
Movie Trailer: Star Cinema (YouTube)


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