The Reason for my Blog Silence

Yo! Hiya everyone! Breaking my silence to let you know why I’m off on blogging for a while now.

My Ranger character in Jormungand. The image isn’t detailed because my VGA sucks. I have to change it and once I have a new VGA, I’ll play Tera Online! Hah.

See that? Yeah. Still playing Ragnarok 2 though its pretty obvious that the game is nearing it’s death. I reached level 50 for my Ranger character in Jormungand after a month of playing. There had been a big drop in the community which affected this server most, so I was already thinking of dropping the game. However, my gamer friends in the office started playing in another server and they coaxed me of creating a new character in Freyja.

That’s why I’m starting all over again with a new class. Meet SariaBelle. My Sorcerer.

11 levels na lang! ^_^

I’m still not used to playing this class where I can support and attack at the same time. Kind of makes me go gaga in dungeons because you have to semi-support and kill too. Unlike in my Ranger, all I have to do is attack and kill. The casting time is also a bitch. I don’t know if I’m useful or useless in dungeons because by the time I finish casting, my target’s already dead. Those DPS really hit fast, you know? LOL.

I also tried the PvP Colosseum using this class and I’m such a noob. Got kicked out after the first three rounds because I can’t figure out how to target the players! I’m used to tabbing my targets but I found out after researching that I have to click on the players to attack them. WTF. I’ll reach level 50, semi-complete my equipment (it’s hard to get the epic items immediately) and kill them all!

It’s fun playing with friends you know in real life. You’ll have an automatic party in entering dungeons and killing mini bosses for Khara. We also talk about this in the office non-stop. Haha.

I might not be active in blogging for a few more weeks. And I’m also packing my things to move in to Jeff’s place. A little busy in the office as well. Hmfff. But I’ll be back. =) (Or in gaming language, “GTG AFK BRB“)

For those who play, see you! Ro2 @ Freyja, SariaBelle!


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