What’s Up, Friday? (11)

Updates of what’s keeping me busy and what’s in store for the month.

Hello! After several weeks of being MIA, I finally felt the urge to be social again. I’m so thrilled to be back! The weeks of silence in all social media sites and my absence in most social gatherings had been a nice change. I know I’d been busy with online games but that isn’t just the reason why I haven’t been anywhere lately. Life had gotten on the way and there were challenges that dampened my spirit. I got really tired and I want a moment of peace—a time to think things through.

The first thing I did was to see my TFG friends. Oh my. I missed them. Because I can’t say no to TFG’s 3rd year anniversary party, I went to F2F 16 without even reading a single page of Gilead. Obviously, I “missed” a lot of happenings (or more of chismis) in my brief absence. So I had a lot of catching up to do. I also went online on Twitter for the past days and WOW. It was freaking fun. I got updated with people’s raves, rants, cat fights and crazy, nonsense, irritating tweets!

Watch Pad

Aw. I haven’t checked any new Asian series. Suggestions? I’ll review Rooftop Prince anytime this month. I’m also looking forward into seeing Flower Boy Next Door and Missing You though I’m not sure yet of what to watch this month. I’d have to check first and see what’ll get my attention.

I’m on a Filipino Movie Marathon for May! It started with It takes a Man and Woman then out of the blue I listed a couple of Pinoy films I’d want to see.

Book Corner

This is going to be tricky. My reading is not back in full swing yet. I’m into my “depending-on-my-mood” reading again so I’m struggling with my “supposedly” reading plan. Being away doesn’t mean I didn’t read. I did, around 10-15 books? I’m just not in the mood to update my GR account. The books I read are random. Gaadd, I even went back to Historical Romance hoping it would ignite my sleeping bookworm blood. But no luck. I’m not there yet. *sings “let’s take it slow… so slow…”*

Currently Reading
Ahm. Nothing? Magic Burns and Cloud Atlas are on my GR’s Currently Reading Shelf for 48 years now. Haha.

Next Read
I hope I can read Why We Broke Up this month. It’s a spillover of my Required Reading for February and I wish that Maria is wrong (this will not be my spillover on June, nooooo!)

Being away for some time helped and made me appreciate being online and social again. I’m hoping May would be fabulous and exciting. I’d be here, maybe not as often as before, but one thing I know is for sure—I. Am. Back.

I haven’t gotten rid of Ragnarok 2. I guess it would stay for a while. iRO2 NA opened this week and Philippines is up next this June. I’m still playing RO2 SEA and look at my character now. ^.^

Look at that! Finally level 50 and I have a Bapho Staff! But not enough players are in the game anymore. So I have to jump ship to NA. 🙂

I’m thinking of playing Tera Online. I already created a character and tried it for a few minutes but I’m still having difficulty with the controls, so maybe I won’t play it… yet.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Korean Drama



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