ReaderCon 2013 Filipino Friday (3): Pinoy Book Drop

Ehh. I’m late, again. It’s still Friday somewhere, right? I’d been meaning to join the #pbdrop but it slipped my mind. I had a super crazy week, I didn’t open any of my social accounts not until yesterday. I saw the posts and I wouldn’t make it even at the last minute! I promise to do the #pbdrop next week when I get back from the province.

Here are the books I plan to drop:

Dropping sites would be at the Smoking Area in our office, Food Court at SM City North EDSA, and Healthway at SM The Block.

For today’s post, I’ll answer these questions:

Tell us about your most memorable or favorite book hunting experience. Have you ever found a book in a most unexpected place? If you find a dropped book somewhere, what would you do with it? Where do you get your books nowadays? Do you still go to bookstores, or do you buy/order books online?

I wouldn’t say it’s my most favorite book hunting experience but it was surely memorable. This was the NBS Warehouse Sale last year. It’s the biggest sale they had in 2012 and a lot of book lovers are looking forward to the event. I did find good books in very cheap prices but the experience is not something I’d want to repeat. It was horrifying. The place is a madhouse. It’s a book lover’s haven and hell. The books are scattered everywhere. It’s arranged by price so you really have to go over each table to find books that you want. The baskets aren’t enough for everyone so people are dragging boxes instead. And what made it from bad to worst was the ridiculously looooong queue for the cashier. I went there around 1 pm, pick up 16 books from different piles in about an hour, and lined up for almost 3 hours! I really, really hate lining up in long queues but I was already there and it was too late for me to back out. That was the most awful book haul experience I had to date and I think I wouldn’t ever want to top that. [1] I mean, after all that I’ve said, would you?

Is finding a Tagalog Romance novel slipped in a Math or Science book during class in high school unexpected? I don’t usually find books just about anywhere so that is the only thing I can think of. I see my classmates in high school do that before specially if the teacher is so boring or the subject would give us massive headache after every class. And to be honest, I think I also did that at one point. Haha!

If I find a book somewhere and there is no note whatsoever to determine if they want to give it away or who the owner is, I’d think it’s destiny and it’s the book saying it needs a new home. Who am I to say no? But if there’s a name on it and someway to return it to it’s original owner I would give it back. It might be his/her favorite book and who knows, it might kill him/her to lose it.

Some of my books are given by friends, others I’ve borrowed from fellow TFG members. I rarely purchase new books as of late. Maybe I’m waiting for a big sale or something and I still don’t have a new bookshelf so that is another factor. But I usually buy books in Book Sale and NBS, sometimes in Fully Booked or online book sellers like Celina of Celina’s Books and Magazines. I only buy eBooks online but if I can’t find a book I really, really wanted I will get it from Book Depository.

That’s it for this week! #Pbdrop photos will be included in my Filipino Friday post next week. And don’t forget to pre-reg for the ReaderCon:

Mark your calendar friends! The 3rd Filipino ReaderCon: What Do Readers Want? Find out on November 9, 2013, Saturday at the Rizal Library in Ateneo De Manila University.
See you there!


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