In a few days, I’ll turn 27. It’s not a landmark birthday as 16/18, 21 or 30 but I was so physically and emotionally exhausted when I was 26, a plus one on my age and another year of new life experiences never felt so liberating.

I used to plan things I want to reach/have at a certain age, I think I even made a timeline before but I never had the chance to follow it because of circumstances I have no control of. I went through the notions of everything, make on-the-spot decisions and never really think of what lies ahead. I liked organizing and planning things because it works for me but because I can’t make decisions for myself and I have a baggage to always consider, my plan, the life I really want has to go on pause (or more of forgotten). In the early years of adulthood, it’s a shame to admit but my life is going nowhere.

27 is 27. I’m not getting any younger. I haven’t felt this eagerness to be somewhere I want to be, maybe since college? It’s probably the age or maybe I already accepted the things I resented but had to do. It took me 4 years to like, love and plan my life around nursing, maybe I’m at that turning point. I want to seize life and push myself to the limit and make new short and long term goals and strive hard to achieve them. Maybe, I’ll list them down again and maybe this time I’ll stick with it. For some reason, I feel different this year. It seems that the path I want to take is clearer.

Of course a birthday post won’t be complete without a birthday wish list, right? Don’t worry it’s not books, oh, not all of them.

  • Cork board – organize, right? I just need the regular (desk) size where I can pin important notes
  • Push pins – for the cork board
  • Baebi hand cary medicine containers – for my maintenance meds when travelling
  • Memo palm notebook – blank palm size (I think smaller than that) notebooks in NBS which I’ll use as daily logs
  • Hard covered diary/notebook – planners wont work, getting back to basic
  • Transparent post it strips

  • Boundless by Cynthia Hand – HB please
  • Looking for Alaska by John Green

  • Akala Mo Lang Wala ng Slumbook Pero Meron Meron Meron – that really is the title of the slumbook I saw in fullybooked, I promise to let you sign first.

These are just material things. Joining me in my journey of faith this year is enough.

YAY TO TWENTY-SEVEN! I feel like 22!

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