Usapang Sapatos

A conversation inspired by Noringai

My officemate and I had been looking for a copy of Parang Kayo, Pero Hindi by Noringai since it hit the shelves last year. Finally, after months of scouring numerous bookstores, we found copies in NBS near our office. The book is always sold out so we didn’t let the chance pass (again) because we might have to wait months to find one.

I wasn’t even aware Noringai existed until this book. I’d been online for like forever but blog hopping is not in my vocabulary. I don’t even read in Wattpad and believe me I’ve only heard of it when Summit Books started publishing works from that site. Anyway, there really are gems you can find online and this is one of them.

You’re maybe wondering what the hype is about when it’s just a compilation of her blog posts. Nothing extraordinary. She talks about the simplest of things, her mundane daily experiences that is not entirely different from what you’re going through. A friend once said, “Ito yung babaeng ang daming pinaghuhugutan.” And I agree. She writes about life and she writes it from the heart—and that’s what captivated her readers.

There isn’t one thing in her entries that you haven’t known yet.  It’s just that every word she says, every sentence she constructs, it’ll hit you in ways you wouldn’t think of. Kung reality check din lang naman kailangan mo, kotang-kota si Noringai diyan. Sampal siya ‘teh. Sampal sa katotohanan. Pampagising sa katangahan mong peg. I can’t even count the times I’ve cursed her because what she says is true, that at one point I was in that story (or maybe, subconsciously, I still am). Sino ba naman ang hindi nagkaroon ng ka-MU? Ng “the one that got away”? O ng hangover after Valentine’s Day? O yung mga usapang naguumpisa lang sa mga walang kakwenta-kwentang bagay pero nauuwi sa seryosong “love and life” talk?

Almost, but not quite. Even in a psuedo relationship, the emotions are real. The pain is real.

We are plagued with a question na dadalawang salita lang pero napakahirap sagutin: What if? It’s a sad reality that you have to accept: Sa totoong buhay, hindi lahat ng nagmamahalan ay nagkakatuluyan. At iyong “The one that got away” mo, ay maaring “The one” na para sa iba.

There is this one conversation I had with Louie that happened while we are still nursing our hangovers with Noringai’s book. We didn’t intend it to be something else but like a snow ball, it went from a simple comment about shoes to the complexities of wanting something you can’t have. It started with Louie complimenting Ada’s shoes. I heard her say that she finds Ada’s shoes cute. I have to look and see if Ada is wearing doll shoes (she usually wears that) because you will never ever see Louie wearing one on a regular day. It has to be rubber shoes or rubber shoes. Turns out Ada is on a, I don’t know, doll shoes that is not doll shoes? I’m not really a fan of shoes so if it’s flat then its flat, sports shoes, heels, period. Whatever.

Alona: Ano yung narinig ko? Ikaw, Luisa? Naku-cute-an sa sapatos ni Ada? Eh di ba doll shoes yun?
Louie: Hindi naman ako fan ng doll shoes masyado. Masyadong girlie.
Alona: Kaya napatingin ako kasi akala ko doll shoes.
Louie: Natutuwa kasi ako sa ganoong shoes eh. Pangit lang yung paa ko kaya di ko maisuot.
Alona: Mag-doll shoes ka kasi. Yung high cut.
Louie: Hahaha!
Alona: Kung may mahahanap kang ganun.
Louie: Parang sapatos na confused.
Alona: Yung pinipilit na magkasya, magfit in, eh hindi naman talaga.
Louie: Korek.
Alona: Hanap na lang kasi ng ibang sapatos. Ipagpilitan ba?
Louie: Yung naghahanap ka ng size 9, eh last pair na… size 7. O kaya yung naghuhumiyaw na shocking pink ang gusto mo eh ang itim naman ng paa.
Alona: Size 5 ako. At ayokong bumili kapag sale. Wala akong laging size. Ayaw mo ng neon green?
Louie: (Tuloy parin sa kasentihan niya) Kung minsan kahit di naman bagay sa’yo, di ka naman komportable pero binibili mo pa din kasi yun ang gusto mo. Pakialam ba ng ibang tao eh pera mo yung ginastos mo. Sino ba ang mahihirapang magsuot ng high heels habang umaakyat ng MRT, sila ba?
Alona: Sigh.
Louie: Bottom line is huwag ipagpilitan ang paa mong pang wicked stepsister sa sapatos ni Cinderella. If it does not fit, di kayo meant to be.

And just like Noringai’s “Wisdom from Pichi Pichi”, Louie and I both know that we aren’t talking about shoes anymore.

Ikaw, nakahanap ka na ba ng sapatos na para sa’yo?


Book # 10 of 2014

Miss A. Talks
Miss A. Talks (8) 
Rave and rants of everything under the sun.

Images are from the Author’s Instagram account @MissieAlona
Book Copy: Owned (Gift from Louie)


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