What’s Up, Friday? (14)

Updates of what’s keeping me busy and what’s in store for the month.

I was planning to post this yesterday because having WUF 14 on 2/14/14 would be awesome (and it was Friday) but my work schedule is so sabog, it’s difficult to write and post entries on time. Our team is on a rotating schedule since December, we change schedules every fortnight and the adjustment of my body clock from morning to mid or night shift is making me crazy. I miss the hassle free morning shift even if I have to brave the everyday rush hour traffic. At least I’m living a normal work life. The vampire lifestyle, even if it’s lucrative, is not appealing anymore but I can’t really complain can I? I’m in the BPO industry after all. Anyway, it feels so good to be doing this again. Read on.

Watch Pad


I miss dramaland. I used to check the new releases, list down and then watch the dramas that seems interesting but this doesn’t seem to work. 75% of the dramas I planned to watch didn’t materialize. They always end up in my DNF/Dropped list. Korean dramas lately are so appealing in their teasers, official posters and synopsis but when you watch the first 2-4 episodes, its meh. What I do today is list the dramas that are somewhat nice and watch the first 3 episodes, if I liked it and is good enough to continue then I’ll add it to my “To Finish List”. I don’t review dramas I didn’t finish because I feel that ending up in my DNF/Dropped list says it all.

I have 5 dramas I want to watch but so far only one made it to my TFL, oh wait, let’s make that two (for the love of JGS).

Emergency Couple│Mary Me, If You Dare│The Heirs│Pretty Man│The Master’s Sun

Emergency Couple – Interesting but I only watched the first episode. I’ll think about it once the series is done.

Mary Me, If You Dare – I only considered watching this because of Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa but a friend told me that the ending is BS. So, no.

The Heirs – Oh my, this is overrated. Done with 3 episodes and I don’t know if I’ll continue it. The idea of Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho is appealing but I don’t know if that is enough reason to finish this.

Pretty Man – Can I say that the first few minutes of the first episode made me want to puke? I’m astounded, how I wish in a good way but no. Fine, it was funny enough and for the love of Jang Guen Suk, yes, I’ll watch this.

The Master’s Sun – I love the first episode. Scary, funny things always pique my interest (I’m unique that way). Even though I don’t really like the leads, I’ll continue this because of the plot. After 8 episodes, I realized the two fits their roles and it wouldn’t work if it’s going to be played by younger performers.


I only have one on my list and if you are from the Philippines, I think you already know what it is.

Starting Over Again – The. Trailer. Is. So. Awesome. (I just hope the movie too).

Book Corner

Currently Reading

I’m following a plan, sort of. I have my 2014 Challenges and I’m trying to cross out some of them as early as I can (you’ll never know when the dreaded reading slump will hit you).


Clockwork Prince – What in the world made me like Clockwork Angel? Maybe I’m too old for this series. I’m stuck in page 41 for two weeks now. I’ve finished other books but I can’t (or won’t) continue where I left of!

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love – The book club’s book of the month. It’s a sad book. I’m half day done. I think this set off my “bitteresa/bitter ocampo” peg for the love month.

Those are the usual stuff. I’m still playing RPGs and they still eat my time but I’m learning to balance things. I’m also going to join a new meme.


Aura Kingdom – I started this last January but I’m not playing that much anymore. I’m not thinking of quitting yet but my online time is very sporadic. I’m already level 49 as a Sorc/Bard but I still don’t have a grip of the gameplay or maybe I’m just not really that interested. Hopefully, I’ll reach level 60 soon and join the (Syndicate) guild in their runs and find reasons to build my character. That is if I’m not yet kicked from the guild.

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns – I am excited to play this but I can’t… yet. I’ve yet to finish FF XIII-2. As most of the FF with sequels, the stories are connected. You’d still know what happened if ever you decide to skip the previous games but the Final Fantasy XIII experience won’t be complete. Jeff said the game’s battle system changed from FF’s turn-base trademark. I’m not much of a fan of action RPGs but I love Final Fantasy, I’ll still play this once I’m done with 13-2. Yay to new game crushes! Believe me the guys in FFs are all good looking!


An original feature/weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Tuesday – I’ve been seeing this for the longest time in other book blogs but I never had the urge to join until recently. I checked their topics and there are some that I want to answer. As I always say in regular memes I’m joining, I’ll try to make this as regular as I can. But you know regular for me is synonymous with sometimes [when I feel like it].

How about you? What’s in store for you this month? Did you have a wonderful date with your loved one(s) yesterday? I had a date too. With work. Hahaha!

Pretend Friday. Feels like Friday to me since it’s the last day of my work week. I know—excuses. Haha! Abd if you are wondering, yes, I intentionally skip one number.

Image Sources: Jenni Bailey, Shadow Hunters Wikia, Eastwing, Aura Kingdom Wikia, Stupid Dope


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