Top Ten Fictional Crushes

An original feature/weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is Top Ten Tuesday Rewind! We get to choose from the previous topics. It’s so difficult to choose one since I feel like answering them all because this is my first post for Top Ten Tuesday. Initially, I thought of Top Ten Books I Want to Reread but the fangirl in me won. Meet the guys who gave me countless of sleepless nights:


Who wouldn’t love a Duke? And in this case, a very young, eligible, yummy bachelor with a nice behind? I know I would!


Obviously, I like noble men. Alex is the Crowned Prince of Linalia and just like any prince, he is charming. And I’m really fascinated with royal men so liking him is expected.


I can’t really remember why I like Will, I’ll be rereading the book to refresh me of his awesomeness, but I’m pretty sure he’s my number eight.


Oh, la, la, Anton! Reformed player anyone? This guy is one of my favorites in Mina’s bandwagon of swoon worthy leading men.


I was never a fan of One Direction but because of Marcus I’m seriously considering listening to their music, he is such a sweetheart. And the British accent? Jaw-dropping, sexy! I will be rereading it this year and will be fangirling as usual.


If Clara doesn’t want this guy, I would gladly, open-heartedly be his rebound. Heartbreak be  damned.


Hot doesn’t just describe this guy, it was made a word because of him. So if one day someone asks you the meaning of hot look him up. They’re synonymous.


Uber. Sexy.  Extraterrestrial Being. If you have this notion that aliens are scary, ugly, humongous, flesh eating monsters, think again. Daemon is a hundred times better than your overrated teenage blood suckers. He reminds me of the brooding, mysterious Max of the US TV series Roswell.


Dysfunctional Crush. Lucas is that guy for me. He started my bad-boy-but-nice-guy fetish. He is my number one fictional crush for the longest time until I met the guy below.


As far as fictional crushes go, I make it a point to steer clear of paranormal boys but when I met Illium in Angels’ Blood, it was love at first sight (or you can say, read). He wasn’t even the main character but he has this pull. He is fun, carefree and very, very pleasing to the imagination. *sigh*


I. Love. You. Bluebell!


Who is your number one fictional crush?


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