Master’s Sun

KDramas go through trends as often as the fashion industry. Ghost seers are the drama trend last year; I was late in jumping on the bandwagon because I was on a hiatus for sometime. It was only recently that I started seeing dramas again.

Type Her 주군의 태양 / Master’s Sun

SBS, 17 Episodes
Broadcast Period 8/17/13 – 10/3/13
Romance, Comedy, Horror

Watched in February, 2014

Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) is a cold and ambitious CEO, who measures all human relationships through money. Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin) is a sensitive assistant, who suffers from insomnia, due to her ability to see ghosts after an accident. Joong Won will learn to trust Gong Shil and falls in love with her.

Director: Jin Hyuk
Screenwriters: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun

Cast: So Ji Sub, Gong Hyo Jin, Seo In Guk, Kim Yoo Ri

I don’t know how “big” this comeback is for the Hong Sisters because I didn’t watch Big (which I wouldn’t dare watch after the horrendous reaction of the drama community) but I do know how they tend to make impressive episodes at the beginning but would wane as it goes by.  Master’s Sun started out fine, great even, the premise is something I get easily interested with but somewhere in the middle, the drama lost its magic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it sucked.   I’m just big with how emotionally invested I am in a drama to say that I really enjoyed it, Master’s Sun failed to do that. I know, it has numerous warm episodes but it didn’t reach my dramatic threshold. Another reason is I was out of dramaland for some time there isn’t much to compare it with. In fact, it’s the first series I watched after 6 months of being away from civilization.

I wasn’t swept away by Master’s Sun but it still has redeeming qualities worthy of giving it 3 Kiss Marks. One of the things notable in the drama is its character development. Joong Won and Gong Shil went through substantial changes as the story progress. Joong Won’s transformation is exceptional. It was fun seeing him change from a cold-hearted, calculating business man to a warm, in love and occasionally weird guy. The Hong Sisters did a marvelous job in leaving no character undeveloped.

I really enjoyed Joo Joong Won’s “Get Lost” hand gesture! Image Source

The cast also delivered a superb acting. I was so amazed with So Ji Sub. He acted Joo Joong Won so well, I’m speechless. Gong Hyo Jin was amusing every time another spirit comes into Tae Gong Shil. The drama doesn’t have a strong conflict. The villains are subdued; they didn’t really create ruckus which I kind of liked because most of the time I want to kill them or I want to pull my hair out because they’re overpowering the lead characters. The ghosts aren’t really that scary. It was the build up that actually made them effective. The soundtrack is lovely.

Mediocre: I can tolerate it but I want more!

Mediocre: I can tolerate it but I want more!

Overall, it’s a drama you’ll easily love and enjoy. It would only depend on what you are looking for in a drama for you to truly appreciate it. I may not have liked it the way I expect it to be but I would gladly recommend this because it was well made. The Hong Sisters are known in creating epic romances, Master’s Sun is one of them.

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