Wattpad and Pop Fiction

I don’t like reading from the computer and it was only recently that I switched to an Android phone  (I was using Nokia N900 for four years until it gave up on me) so it’s no wonder I’ve only heard of Wattpad when Summit Books started publishing works from the site. One genre emerging these days is Pop Fiction and we have a lot of that in Wattpad, the same goes with New Adult. I know Pop Fiction has a certain demographic (and I’m way out of it) but I have always liked giving Indie Authors a try because you wouldn’t know if they’re good if you don’t give them a chance.

One of the reasons I was hesitant to read books from the site is because I was so disappointed with She’s Dating a Gangster when I read the printed copy. It’s the first Pop Fiction I read and considering that it’s already the edited version and based from the following it has over the internet, I was expecting it would blow me away. Maybe, I expected too much or it is just not for my age.  But I wondered, it wouldn’t sell if it wasn’t that compelling, right? So on one weekend I decided to check the most popular books from Pop Fiction in Wattpad. And guess what, I still didn’t like them but I agree that these writers have the talent.

I didn’t expect I’d spend hours reading those books, really. There are a lot of plot holes and there are some that absolutely needs editing, the overuse of ellipses and upper case will drive you nuts. But these aspiring writers know how to tell a story, I have to give them that. It’s like watching a bad drama but you can’t stop watching because you’ve invested too much time, and it got you annoyed and bitchy and snarky, but you can’t stop because you have to know how the shit is going to end. Pop Fiction is like that for me. It’s an extremely crazy roller coaster ride that if you wouldn’t grab tight you would fall off and die (even with a safety belt).

What amazed me with Wattpad, not just in Pop Fiction, is that we have a lot of creative writers out there that given the right guidance and marketing, they’d be astounding authors in no time. I’ve tried writing numerous times but I always ran out of creative juice but if you see the works of these guys, wow, you’ll be surprised of how creative they can be. Their stories isn’t new, it’s full of romance tropes actually but because they know their audience, and I guess the comments the readers share in every release helped them create a story that the readers want without compromising where they want the story to go, earned them the massive following they have now.

The publishing world is drastically changing these days. With the rise of electronics and the number of people relying to smartphones and internet, it’s easier to share what you love to do and get the audience you want. There are also veteran Filipino Indie Authors who gives advice and classes to aspiring authors on how to get your novel done and published. Mina V. Esguerra launched a #romanceclass before which produced contemporary romance novellas from new authors, some of them landed on my All Time Favorite Reads. She also published “Publishing and Self-publishing: Advice for Writers” in Wattpad to help writers in their publishing journey. It’s so easy to publish your work online today.

There are good authors in Wattpad. And even if I will probably never love Pop Fiction, I would still read them if I need a quick fix or I need to clean up my palate with the usual books I read or I’m in a verge of a reading slump. I really want to buy some of the prints by Summit Books because the covers are so cute although I’m still uncertain because Php 175 – 195 is not easy to let go for something that I might regret in the end. I would read the uncorrected proof in Wattpad and maybe, if I liked it enough, I’d get the copy. If not, well, I can live without knowing how it ended. I only have one wish though, I hope that these publishing companies get stories that really are remarkable and not just because they have the potential to be best sellers. But we all know that is just wishful thinking, right? Because this, no matter what I say, is still business.

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5 thoughts on “Wattpad and Pop Fiction

  1. Arianne says:

    Hi. Actually I also didn’t like the ‘first’ book version of SDTG, the second version which is the extended one, was just ok for me. Because still, there’s something missing. The Wattpad version of it was great, I even cried because of it. But when they published it, they removed many details, the ‘feels’ is not there anymore. Their way of editing is not good for me. Same with the other Pop Fiction books. Anyway, there’s a movie tie-in book now and they said that it’s in Tagalog-English, the original-edited version. I haven’t buy it though, but once I buy it and confirmed that it was the original version, I really recommend you to read it again. Maybe give it another chance? I’m sorry I know you’re not a fan of how it ended but at least I think you’ll appreciate the love they have between them. Besides, in the original version, they are already in their 20′s, if I’m not mistaken, in the ending. I think the magic of the story was removed when the details of it had been minimized. The original version is a thousand more better. Though there’s some korean lines. But yeah. It would not have gain followers and supporters if it’s not good. The published book are just… After you read (if you gonna read) the movie tie-in book and still not liking it. It’s ok. If you’re gonna watch the movie, I suggest read the original-edited ver. first. The movie, of course, will not be as exact as the book. All books turned into movie actually. (P.S. if you’re a fan of romance, maybe you want to try stories of Jonaxx, wattpad author, Pop Fiction Young Adult MAPAPANSIN KAYA is one of her story) 🙂

    • Alona says:

      Hi Arianne,

      I might watch the movie because the trailer seems different from the print version I read. I saw the movie-tie-in book in NBS. I’m not sure if it’s the same with the Wattpad version, I never had the chance to read that, however, this time I’ll pass. I’m in with giving every author a chance but I’m done with SDtG. If Bianca B. will write another book, I’ll consider reading it.

      Thanks for the recommendation though. I’m not reading in WP lately so I’ll check Jonaxx works if I get the chance.

      – A.

  2. AuthorSilverdoe (@AuthorSilverdoe) says:

    Hi Alona,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog. We see eye to eye when you mentioned about shedding 195 pesos or even higher for a something that is really not worth the price. I think teenagers are more willing to pay that amount than adults.
    I’m constantly in awe every time I come across a less popular, but higher quality works in wattpad. Those that are being publish by PopFiction have ridiculously million reads. Will it just be to the stories with the highest profit potential? What makes them so special that they get a push? This is very common and if you investigate a little, you’ll see that teen stories, by teens and about teens, consistently have the highest numbers – because the greater percentage of users are teens.
    This isn’t new, of course, but what always happens when creativity collides with commerce. “Quality” is a somewhat subjective concept and, of course, quality does not necessarily equal commercial success.
    My own view as a YA writer/reader was for either satisfaction or sophistication. Big read books sometimes do satisfy but otherwise I’m still looking for sophistication for me to buy. Some novels that look very simple on the surface can still be well written and very intelligent underneath the surface. Good books and crap books exist on all levels.
    If you have time…i wondered if I could invite check out my stories. Feel free to let me iknow what you think http://www.wattpad.com/_Silverdoe_

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