What’s Up, Friday? (15)

Updates of what’s keeping me busy and what’s in store for the month.

How was your Friday everyone? Any plans for the weekend? I’d be spending my Saturday in the office. It’s sad but I’ll have my long weekend for the Holy Week anyway. I wish I could go home to the province but I can’t stand the heat here in Manila what more in Pangasinan where it’s a hundred times worse? For those who’ll have their beach vacation and out of towns, enjoy your trip guys! I’ll just hole up at home and do nothing. Haha! Here are the things that hopefully will keep me busy till the end of the month:

Watch Pad


You Who Came from the Stars


I’m almost done with You Who Came from the Stars. I only have 3 episodes left but I can’t find it in me to finish the series yet because I already know how it ended (yes, I skipped to episode 21) and it didn’t sit well with me. I would eventually finish it since I need to make the review but I would put it off as of now.


Meteor Garden is running again in one of our local TV stations and it’s relieving the Asian Drama Wave it set off when it first aired here in the country 10 years ago! It’s an ultimate throwback, really. I wasn’t a fan of the series but I liked the Korean version so to join the craziness for Dao Ming Si and San Chai, I’d be watching Boys over Flowers again!


As you know, I’m always late in the current trend in dramaland because I don’t like live streaming. I don’t have any idea of what new series to watch after YWCFTS. I have a few on the list but I’m not sure of what to watch. What do you think should I watch?


I still haven’t seen Starting over Again. Yes, I know I should have watched it when it was still in cinemas but every time I decide to see it something would come up and then I’ll forget about it. I’ll just wait for it in DVDs or in Cinema One.

Seducing Mr. Perfect

I watched Endless Love a few weeks ago and Seducing Mr. Perfect (with the uber sexy Daniel Henney!) last Wednesday but I haven’t made a review of those yet. I wish I could make one now but it has to wait since I have a long list of books for review. I promise to post the reviews of these in the next weeks (or months).

Book Corner

Currently Reading

I’m on a binge reading for Urban Fantasy and Adult Contemporary ebooks since last month. After Catastrophic History of You and Me, I had a hard time finding a good book to read (from my book pile and ebooks). So like always, whenever I have this type of bookish pickiness, I revert to random reading. UF and AC are my comfy genres.

I think I’m almost ready to read physical books again so I started The Book Thief yesterday.


Sad to say I gave up on Aura Kingdom a few months ago. I had difficulty understanding the game play and the game didn’t grow on me so I didn’t spend too much time on it. As of now, I’m getting addicted with simple android games. No, it’s not Floppy Bird. I didn’t ever play that. I’m more into girlish games.


I’m not really busy this month and I don’t really like going out but I’m craving for the BEACH! Where are you going this summer?

Enjoy the heat guys! I’ll leave the outdoors to you. Mwah!

A day late. Again. When will I post this on time?

Image Sources: IMBD, KoreanDrama.org, Google Play, Tumblr


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