When a Romance Junkie Reads

Majority of the books I read is romance. You can easily see that in my Goodreads account since my read shelf consist mostly of contemporary novels and some urban fantasy and paranormal books that have a strong relationship/love arc. I love reading books that makes me giddy and in love. That doesn’t make me a hopeless romantic, okay? I’m the last person you can call that. I just have this crazy mood that when triggered makes me want to read tons of romance. This is the reason I’m having a hard time following a reading plan because once the love junkie in me surfaces, I can’t resist the pull of reading random stories of love. It’s a craving that wouldn’t die no matter what I do. It’s always there

Feel the feels of being in love.

You may have noticed that I haven’t updated my read list and I haven’t had the slightest idea of what I want to read, oh wait, I want ROMANCE [period]. The Mt. TBR in my room is a sight for sore eyes. I don’t want to read any of them. I tried reading some prints but I can’t finish it. I’m always stuck somewhere. It’s easier to read K (my Kindle). This started after I finished reading The Catastrophic History of You and Me. The book left me so emotional I suddenly had the urge to read happy-sappy romance novels, thus, starting my “romance” craving for this year.

I started with recent releases for contemporary and urban fantasy last March then it snow balled into specific character/story details. It’s kindda crazy and even if it’s not a valid reason, I’ll blame it to hormones and PMS just because I can. (Haha)

Random Adult Contemporary and Urban Fantasy: At first it’s random Adult Contemporary and Urban Fantasy, I even read some New Adult but I really can’t bring back my enthusiasm for the genre. Whenever I read dark past, secret, dysfunctional, jaded, and troubled characters/plot in the synopsis I skip them. I can’t remember if I specifically looked for werewolves for UF, I think I did at one point.

Celebrity Romance: After a few random books for contemporary, I wanted to read Celebrity Romance. Not just any CR. I want the protagonist (male) to be an actor, a famous, uber-ly handsome, a-lister, rich movie actor. Thanks for Listopias in GR, it made my search easier. Authors I’ve discovered are R.L Matthewson, and Belle Andre (I read most of her celebrity characters in The Sullivan series).

Sports Romance: The novelty for Hollywood celebrities waned after a few books so I switched to other famous characters, this time in sports. Most of them are football and some are rereads of series I’ve read before by Rachel Gibson, Erin McCarthy and Susan Elizabeth Philips. I also read a few from other authors.

Billionares: Who can resist them? I slashed famous and celebrities from my list then I looked for billionaire bachelors. This one is easier to find since it’s one of the most abused plots in chick lit and contemporary romance. You only have to type “billionaires” in Amazon and you’ll have 50+ pages of ebooks you can purchase. New authors I read are Marian Tee, Jessica Claire (not so new, I read some her of works before) and Marquita Valentine.

Netgalley ARCs: Because I’m so caught up with Sport Romance and Billionaires, I even downloaded ARCs from Harlequin. I got ARCs for Jill Shavis.

Wattpads Books: Sometimes reading published works is tiring. What perfect place can I find raw romance novels but in Wattpad? There are few nice books I’ve read. There are some that are a waste of time (yes, I know it’s irrational to bitch about it when I consciously decided to read or skim WP books despite knowing how raw they are). There are also those that fall on my meh category. I have yet to find a novel in Wattpad that would make me a real fan. As of now, all the books I’ve read from the site aren’t that spectacular. There are books that started out fine then go dragging mid-through. Like I said before, some of them have the potential to get published. They just have to go through a thorough polishing.

Historical Romance: I can’t believe I went back to Historical Romance! (This probably meant that this “romance craving” is out of control.) I don’t know what the fudge made me read HR. You know what’s worse? I discovered I have a freaking fetish for dukes. Hence, another category for my ebook downloads.

Dukedom: I found 30 something novels with this category. I had a hard time finding a really good book to read since I’m not familiar with the go to authors of this genre. So far the authors I’ve read are awesome enough for me to continue their series. Imagine how annoyed I was in learning that HR also has effing series? I thought most are standalone. But I learned that series in HR is different from NA or contemporary trilogies or sagas because they can be read as standalone. Authors I’ve tried and like are Tessa Dare, Courtney Milan, Eloisa James and Stephanie Laurens.

A perfect parting line. (Hahaha!) Love! Love! Love!

I don’t know how long I’d go on like this. Hopefully, this would end this summer. Mt. TBR is just around the corner and my 2014 Challenges would not disappear on a flick of a finger. How about you? What are you reading right now?



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