What’s Up, Friday? (16)

Updates of what?s keeping me busy and what?s in store for the month.

Hello, lovelies! We’re half way of 2014. Are you guys ready for school? The rainy season? Summer has ended and much to my chagrin I haven’t even seen the beach! I know, what is summer without feeling the waves, the sand beneath your feet and the sun, right? I got too much of the heat going to and fro the office everyday so I reached my quota for the sun. Well, the beach won’t go anywhere, I’ll probably visit one before the year ends. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it more without the scorching heat.

Say goodbye to dry land. Hello, rainy season!

June, in the Philippines, is officially the beginning of the school year although this time we have college coeds who are still enjoying their extended vacation as some universities adjust to the international school year. Oh my, the things I would do to have a loooooong vacation. I’m dying with envy! I wish I can do that too without thinking of the mountainous work I’ll have to go back to after months of seclusion. I guess I’ll have to enjoy and squeeze in whatever I want to do in what little time I can have away from work.

Here are things I’m looking forward this June:

Watch Pad


I am so burn out of Korean Dramas. Yes, you read that right. I spent so little time in dramaland since the year rolled out. For the longest time, I haven’t felt engaged, enthusiastic, enthralled to the point that I’m gushing, crying and laughing like an idiot, in a drama. I don’t know if the magic is forever lost or I’m just momentarily besotted with other things that I don’t find Korean dramas as spectacular as before. Maybe I’m getting old? There were so many good dramas when the Asian drama craze started but for the past two years I can count in one hand the dramas Korea released that made it to my beloved 5 Kiss Marks list.

I’m not ready to give up dramaland yet so this time I’ll watch something different. I’m going back to Taiwanese dramas. The last Tdrama I watched was of Mike He. It left a bitter taste on my mouth I ended up eradicating Taiwanese dramas in my vocabulary (including him). Yes, it’s an irrational exaggerated reaction in a moment of extreme PMS-ing. It’s not for the lack of trying or patience or appreciation but you’ll reach the point that a repeated, tried and tested theme, romance/drama tropes, OA acting, dashing hero/heroines without talent (I’m not generalizing but most often than not good looks doesn’t equate to real talent) and crappy, rushed, and unemotional writing and storylines will not work anymore and since it’s difficult to find a gem in dramas these days I’ll settle for mediocre series. Let’s try Tdramas this time, even if their high pitch voices are grating on my nerves.

I read so many good feedback about this. Hallyu Back made this her #1 Taiwanese Drama of 2013 so this might be good. I hope it’s worth the 21 hours of my life I’ll spare to watch this.

I was about to consider watching Fabulous Boys but when I saw the trailer, I flashed the idea in the toilet. It wasn’t bad. That’s a lie. It was BAD. It’s a remake of Korea’s You’re Beautiful and I find it a second rate, trying hard copy of the original. Duh, it’s a remake, I know. For fudge sake, that isn’t a reason to forgo creativity! Jiro Wang is cute. However, making him look like JGK or into the character he played (maybe only in this series because it’s needed with the character but that is JGK’s trade mark) didn’t and will never work. Come on, even the gay-ish shirts, hairstyle and make up? I’m sure all of you will agree that that will only work with Jang Guen Suk, yes?


Starting over Again is a bane on my existence. I want to watch it but I don’t and so I’m stuck. I know I need to see the film in order to move on but as always I’m being stubborn. I’m having a hard time convincing myself that it’s worth it because of my aversion to katangahan (that can be avoided if they didn’t choose to be tanga) no matter how excellent the film was made.

Book Corner

Currently Reading

I’m on a ridiculous romance craving for some time now. It’s a struggle trying to go back to regular reading because the pull of Historical Romance is so strong. I guess I’m so stressed for the past months I’m craving for something light that would momentarily steer me away from the madness of real life. Lately, I’m reading Adult Contemporary again and maybe I’ll slowly go back to my TBRs this year. I have to. I only have six month’s left to complete my 2014 Challenges and I feel that isn’t enough time!


I’m not really into online/console games lately. I think all of the games I play in Xbox are forgotten. Online games aren’t that engrossing since RO2. I miss the game play I got addicted to with RO2 and I can’t help but try to find that in recent games I tried to play which is absurd since all games are different from each one. Maybe I just haven’t found the one yet. Imagine that? The only game I haven’t given up on is Clash of Clans and Fashion Story, both are android games. Oh I also started playing FarmVille 2. I know, that is so yesterday but what can I do? I can’t find anything to play might as well try this one. Hahaha.

Look at my “malanding” character! Uber Pink!

Phantasy Star Online 2 launched last month and I already created a wizard but haven’t really played the game yet. I probably would in the weeks once the drama in the office is over. I’m also going to try Onigirii. Though, I doubt it if I’ll stay long in the game. I also almost came to a point of going back to RO2 SEA. I just don’t want to download too many patches manually so I’m putting it off. For now.

Find joy in the rainy days, guys! And for once try doing this:

Trying to find joy and normalcy in this crazy world. I think I do. Sometimes.


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