Top Ten Classics I Want to Read

An original feature/weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

If there’s one genre I find always a struggle to read, its classic. If not because of the Book Club I wouldn’t ever think of reading any books from this genre. I don’t even know if I can come up with ten classics I want to read because I’m not sure if there is any I want to really, really read. Let’s give this a try.


I started buddy reading this a few months ago with some bookish friends but after a few chapters I gave up. I still hope to read it this year.


JA and I aren’t besties and I hated P&P but I can’t give up on her yet. So here’s another JA novel.


It’s the Book Club’s July read. #DickensVirgin (hashtag by Atty. Monique) but I think that doesn’t count because I’m a virgin in most of the well known classic novelists out there.


I always read this in YA novels set in high school as their reading assignment or something, curious why it’s a required reading for them.


If you’re a 90’s kid in the Philippines, you’d know who Princess Sarah is. I’ve always liked the international film adaptation (not Camille Pratt’s version), so yes I’ll have this in my list.


I love the anime adaptation especially the ending where the flowers are in full bloom. It’s one of the cartoons I watch everyday growing up in the 90’s.


Embracing my inner child. I never understood why many love children’s books. Maybe it’s not too late for me to love them as well.


Another classic commonly mentioned in YA contemporary novels.


Met Darcy and Lizzie, Jane & Rochester, now it’s time to meet Heathcliff and Catherine.


One of the classics I saw with high ratings from my bookish friends.

I also listed classic novels I would love to read but would never ever pick up because it’s 1000+ pages. I’ll just go and watch the movie.



One thought on “Top Ten Classics I Want to Read

  1. Biena says:

    I want to read some of these too. I haven’t read Catcher, Mockingbird, and some of the rest! I need to start building up a list like this so I won’t forget. Thanks for this post, Alona 🙂

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