What’s Up, Friday? (17)

Updates of what’s keeping me busy and what’s in store for the month.

It’s the time of year again when we Filipinos goes on an early yuletide season. You can feel it in the air, in places you pass by, in people you see and in songs you hear. There are so many things to look forward to and events to attend once we hit the “ber” months. Are you excited? I know I am. I’m so stressed with office issues lately; I’d embrace anything that would steer me away from office drama.


I’d been on a mini-blogging hiatus for sometime because of writer’s block. All of my previous posts for the past two months or so were stock drafts I made weeks or months before I published them. I have this yearly drought in writing that starts mid-second quarter and last until mid-third quarter of the year. I usually indulge too much in random reading, gaming, watching, going out or simply staring at the wall during this season because staring at a blinking cursor makes my head spin. I’m not making any promises of how often I can write but hopefully I’d be more active starting this month. What I can promise is I’m breaking my blogging silence. For now.

Watch Pad


I swear. I tried watching Just You. I did watch until episode 3. I think.  My ears can’t take the high pitch voices and I can’t bear to waste 22 hours of my life on a series full of poorly executed acting, overloaded with unnecessary cutesy that would make you puke for a year. I think it’s hard to find the quality of Taiwanese dramas I’ve loved in mid-2000 or maybe I grew up and my taste with drama series changed. It’s difficult trying to find something to watch after that so I ventured more into local movies and some Marvel and international films I’d been waiting to see. It was only when I read in most drama blogs I follow of how funny and captivating the first few episodes of Fated to Love You, a Korean remake of the Taiwanese drama in ‘05-ish, that I considered seeing Asian dramas again.

I was hesitant at first but I’m a curious cat. I have to know. I semi-watched the original to rekindle my memory of what it is about. I want to see if they would pull this off better than the original. Their remake of It’s Started with a Kiss/They Kissed Again was not good so I was really, really hoping this one’s better. I’m on episode 8 now. I usually watch 2 episodes every weekend. Marathon-ing is not an option anymore. This actually works since it reduces the temptation of fast forwarding scenes I don’t want to see. So far, I liked it. It was nicer and more polished than the original. It already completed its run in Korea, although I still don’t have the timeline of when I can finish this. I’m a little bit preoccupied with gaming right now.


I’d been seeing a lot of local movies since last month. Be it on Cinema One, on my KMP Player and—ahem—cinemas. It’s not because it’s the Buwan ng Wika last August. It’s just nice to watch local films. Sometimes.

I never read the series and I never ever thought of seeing this film. My movie buddy at home has this habit of watching random local films because he doesn’t want to spend time brooding on wasted effort, money, and time over a film he knows is not worth seeing on the big screen. This is one of his crazy impetuous downloads.


I read the book, so what? It’s a movie challenge for Portmanteau. On the big screen. Yes, read that again. Write it if you want. Unbelievable? Don’t I know that? No matter how cheesy, uncharacteristic the film was, I had a very nice evening with the girls. Our continuous bashing while watching the film was hilarious. It was a wonder the couples behind us didn’t complain. They probably want to hush us but we outnumber them. Hahaha.

I tried a few Korean films like The Huntresses (the subtitle is so bad) and Miracle in Cell # 7. The latter had been a hit internationally. It’s not something I usually watch. It was fine, dramatic and nice to watch on Father’s Day though it’s not really my cup of tea.

I’m excited for Rorounin Kenshin II! Who’s gonna watch this? Rurouni Kenshin: Legend Ends will come out on September 24. A month a way but what’s a little wait? We waited for the sequel for a year anyway. Here’s the trailer for you.

Book Corner

I’m mostly reading in my Kindle these days. It’s still random contemporary and urban fantasy. I’m trying to read print copies but I still don’t have the drive to continue the series I read before or cross out some books in my TBR. Hmm.

This count doesn’t include the print copies and Wattpad novels I read. If we are to include them, it might be 220-ish. Woo! I broke my 2012 reading record!



A new game opened it’s server in PH last month. Have you guys heard of Aurora World? I see some of the gaming people I’ve met trying the game. I created a character and reached level 10 to change class. It feels like Ragnarok Online 1 with better graphics and game play. I haven’t fully explored the game yet since there aren’t too many players. It’s also the first time I’m playing on a full PH server. You guys know how I am with Pinoy players. I’m not generalizing them, okay? I’ve met nice, friendly Pinoy players but there are also some you just can’t tolerate.

I never imagine I’d be playing Ragnarok Online 2 – NA again. They recently opened the server for Asian countries and I got curious. I re-downloaded the game (plus the too many patches) and logged in the other day. I’m still getting the ropes of how to play it again. I even invited my office mate to try it. I’m not just sure of how long I’m gonna stay this time. There are newbies trying the game. We have players in lower maps unlike before when the community was dwindling by the time I quit. It was also nice to know that GalaJuan is still there so as Collision, Aesir and Exodus. I see some familiar guilds included in the top 15 most active guilds before and new big ones. I saw recognizable IGNs I used to play with at one point and a lot of new PH players. I’m going to make a separate post about the game and the things I find new now that it’s the Advent of Valkyrie, compare it to pre-AoV and talk about the community.

 I am so like this for the past couple of days. Haha. 

Uber tired of office drama. Let’s play, play and play!


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