Portmanteau’s (mis)Adventures

I’d been part of a wonderful bookish family for the past three years. I first met the group online when they had their anniversary meet up in 2011, I came and the rest is history. For the past years I made new bookish friends and talked to almost everyone. People come and go but there are the regulars you usually see and there are those you often go to and spend time with.

One of the groups I normally meet outside of book club activities is Portmanteau. I don’t know why and how the group was named that. One day someone just created a group in FB with that name and it stuck. According to the dictionary, “Portmanteau” means a new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings, like “brunch”. It’s synonymous with “blend”. Maybe because we are six diverse individuals, with crazy quirks, and different personalities that mesh even if we don’t understand each other most of the time.

The images are super throw back (not all of them but still). We all look so silly, yes? Sometimes I don’t like seeing our old pictures because we either look so innocent or so fat. We love to try weird movies (more of Kwesi, the rest of us on occasion), a little travel, and more food, watch drama series, go fangirl with book crushes, Korean idols and pop groups, and what else? Bully each other. We are composed of an engineer, a vet (soon and who loves to terrorize pets), a therapist (next exam!), a forester, a psychologist and a nurse (in a call center). We meet on occasion but we haven’t had an event where all of us are present for the past two years. We suck on planning meet ups. Some would go. Some would not. We can’t blame anyone who won’t make it since we are all busy with our own lives.

I kindda felt down, depressed and crazy last month, I need to vent out. I messaged the girls and finally, we had a decent meet up. We realized we missed the company. We made a few plans and hopefully we’ll start to see more of each other in the next months. For this reason, Portmanteau’s (mis)Adventures is born. This is going to be a semi-regular meme of the things we did (adventure or not) or any activity we had together that is worth mentioning. It could be movies, book reading buddies, travel, a restaurant we tried, or simply whatever. I’m not sure if everyone will be present but at least I need to be with one or two of them so I can make this. It wouldn’t be Portmanteau if it’s just me, right? Plus, we need new pictures. Duh.

P.S. What really made me decide to make Portmanteau’s (mis)Adventures is because of a movie we watched as a challenge. I’ll post a review of that soon and would be my first PmAs post. The experience and the commentaries were so funny I know I have to share it. I’m not sure as well of how often I can make a post for this because there are times that I wouldn’t be in any plans the girls might be having. It sucks to have a busy life sometimes. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’d have at least a few adventures with them before the year ends.


4 thoughts on “Portmanteau’s (mis)Adventures

    • Alona says:

      I think that was the last time I saw them together. I’m not really sure. Hahaha. I luuurve that picture. Silang sila lang!

  1. ForesterCary says:

    Alona, kaya sya portmanteau kasi yan ang word na ginamit ni rollie sa review ng tuck everlasting nung nag buddy-read kami. as usual naging subject ng asaran kasi may nalalaman pang portmanteu yang si rollie. ayun

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