What’s Up, Friday? (18)

Updates of what’s keeping me busy and what’s in store for the month.

It’s been what, 6-7 months since I last made a WUF post? I was thinking of writing one in January then decided to do it in February but then the days were so fast it’s already March (excuses, excuses). There are many changes I want to do in the blog that I don’t even know where to start! (Yes, I’m writing again!) Most of my past entries are emotional rants of the changes happening in my life which I know some of you doesn’t want to read about; ranting is so freeing I kind of enjoyed doing that for a while. I’m not saying I wouldn’t write anything personal in the future, I haven’t felt the need to share; not anytime soon. Starting a new blog is never on my plan so bear with me whenever I turn into a drama queen.

Enough of the #WhoGoat month. Let’s welcome the sun! Summer!

I want to write the changes I want to make as organized as possible but I tend to over think at times, it’s not productive. I’ll tell you those I can remember then let’s see in the next WUF post (hopefully not after six months) if there will be other changes in the next quarter.

Watch Pad

Asian dramas are taking a backseat. I haven’t religiously watch one since My Love from Another Star. I tried watching other series but I get bored in just a few episodes. I’d been seeing Asian dramas even before I started this blog so I think the ardor died. I’m not saying I’ll forget them all together, I’ll always love them. It just so happen that the series coming out the past few years aren’t as good and as well thought of like in it’s early glorious days. I might watch whenever something catches my fancy though it wouldn’t be like how often it used to be.

What I’m busy watching right now are American series. Before I discovered Asian dramas, I spend most of my time marathon-ing paranormal/fantasy/action American shows. I rediscovered my love for them because of Oliver Green. (Oh, I’m Team Olicity by the way.) Here are the series I’m seeing now:

I’ll most likely watch till the new season then look for another series to start while waiting for new episodes. I’m tempted to start GoT but something is holding me back. HAHAHA.

Note: If you are wondering if I’ll be writing reviews for the American/English series I’ve been watching, the answer is no. My series reviews will solely be Asian dramas. In line with the current changes in my series-to-watch line up, Drama Rerun is retiring. It’s been fun doing the feature, however, it eats too much time as I have to rewatch drama series I’ve seen before.


My movie selections are so random these days. There are a lot of good movies coming out lately both local and international. I haven’t checked any Asian movies yet. I think I’m taking a hiatus from all things Asian for (maybe) the first half of 2015. I haven’t made a complete list yet of movies I want to see. As of now, these are the only films I can think of:

I already seen TTCT on it’s opening day, imagine that. Many of my friends (who don’t usually watch Pinoy films) loved EOP so hopefully I can watch the film soon (once an official dvd copy is released).

Book Corner

My habit of not planning the books I’ll read will not change, EVER. The only difference this year is I’ll try not to read in my Kindle and read more actual books (which I’d been saying for the past 3 years; I’m trying to stick to it this time). I have to trim down my TBR at home including the books I borrowed for the past years. I’ll be making a separate post for my 2015 Challenges. I’ve already updated my 2014 Challenges and sad to say it isn’t as spectacular as I want it to be. What can I do? 2014 was a crazy, crazy year, right?


I quit RO2 early this year. Life takes precedence, I have to leave the game. I’m waiting for Echo of Soul and Cabal 2. I’m not really sure if I already have internet connection at home that can let me play with ease by time of their release. Hopefully, yes. I cancelled my Globe DSL account (I got so frustrated with the transfer request and the bullsh*t their Customer Service and their Support Team are giving me, I ended up cancelling everything) so I’m using my mobile and tattoo stick for my internet needs these days and we know that can’t cater online games. I’ll probably be irate all the time because of lag issues.

Other Things I’m Thinking of Doing but Not Really Sure

Travel Posts: I’m thinking if I’m going to make a new feature about this although it wouldn’t be so often. I’ll be indulging my happy feet this year and I like to share the experience. I’ll probably categorized it under Random, Events and tag it as Travel or Happy Feet.

New Memes: I’m looking for new memes to join. I’m not sure if I can maintain it though. I only write when I feel like it and I see that’s going to be a hindrance if I decide to join regular memes.

Blog Tours: I’ll try. I really want to. Once.

New Feature

I already introduced this sometime last year. I haven’t posted any follow up after the movie, I’d been busy for sometime I can’t find time to sit down and blog some of our recent adventures together. I’ll catch up with some of my travel drafts and post them as soon as I can.

Something to think about:Image Source: Design Bump

Exhausted with work and real life drama. I need a break!

Image Source: Design Bump, whicdn, IMBD, Tumblr, Google


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