Challenge, it is. Weh, yung true?

I didn’t follow the usual format of my yearly challenge summary because I haven’t updated my 2014 Reading List yet. I have about a hundred books to add on my 2014 shelf and just thinking about it is already giving me a conniption. As I’ve been saying, reading plans and I are like water and oil. We can’t mix.

I’m 4 months late in deciding if I’ll have a challenge list because my 2014 Challenges sucked big time I was thinking twice thrice if I’ll do one again this year. I can’t resist it though. The challenge. The feels. Just thinking of crossing out one line after the other. So here we go again, another yearly challenge list.

Challenge Accepted!

Drama Challenge. I guess I can’t stay away from Asian dramas that long. Hiatus or not I have to watch three new series this year. I’m mostly watching American series lately so I’m thinking of watching one episode everyday or 2-3 episodes on my rest days. I can’t marathon them anymore. I have Reply 1994 on my list. I know I have to finish Fated to Love You. I am also waiting for Producer which I hope will be shown this year because Kim Soo Hyun is in there. That already makes three, right? Oops. I also want to watch Pinocchio, I just don’t know when. I really, really have to catch up on Asian shows because I have to make a review soon. I know you guys miss my, ahem, unique sarcasm and gushing whenever necessary (sometimes not so necessary) when I make my Asian drama reviews, yes?

Reading Goals. It’s almost the same as my challenge last year. I’m aiming to finish some I didn’t complete because it’s been years since those books were released. 6 TFG Books—I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to read all TFG’s book of the month, so again let’s aim for half. This time I have to take this seriously. I also have a few on Series to Finish, Continue and Start but not as strict as last year and not so many. The most important reading goal I have to accomplish for 2015 is to read 12 Actual Books. I’ve been on a book buying ban for years now; I can’t, for the life of me, force myself to read actual books. The TBR pile is getting bigger and bigger every year and I’m still reading majority of ebooks. 12 actual books won’t be that bad, right? I hope.

Bucket List. This is new. I was thinking of creating a new page for this but decided against it since I want to do most on the list this year better include it here. It is basically consist of the places I want to visit, cafés I want to try and everything in between that aren’t book or drama series related. You guys know that Wanderlust is my 2015 word, right? This is my attempt at fulfilling that word.

I have a page for this where I can track down my progress. If you want to know what I’ve already started, click this and you’ll be directed to the page. You may also see that on the Challenge tab on the menu and choose 2015 Challenges from the drop down list.

What are you up to this year? More books? More places to visit? Comment below and tell me! Let’s push each other to accomplish them this year!

Note: I can’t resist adding Weh, yung true? in the title. That is the sarcastic me talking. Haha.


3 thoughts on “Challenge, it is. Weh, yung true?

  1. thelovelyrhythm says:

    HAHA! Weh, Di Nga?! Happy Easter Alona! ^^~~
    I think that girl in the GIF image is from “EASY A” movie…She looks familiar…;p

    I am starting to watch Pinnochio…I am on episode 10.. haha! It’s good! 😀

    Good Luck on your Book Challenge! Fighting! ^^v

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