Playing Echo of Soul

Hello, gamers! How is the MMORPG drought so far? If you’re like me, a seasonal player who likes things new and shiny, you probably had it for a while. Maybe not if you patiently stayed in a dying game while waiting for a new one—a trait I don’t have; I’ll most likely throw my computer out the window for sheer frustration over game whatnot that doesn’t work anymore. For those who are new here, I only started playing a few years back so don’t expect a thorough, step by step or every nook and cranny game reviews from me. I am just a normal, female gamer who loves to rave and rant when necessary. Not really dedicated though I had my periods of over playing. I’m familiar with a few RPGs in console and online over the years but I barely played for the reason that life is far more important than facing my computer, leveling, grinding and whatever in a game 24/7. Not that I have anything against those who do that. A few hours a day on top of my 8 hour work shift is my limit. Weekend is a different discussion by the way. Enough said, let’s get down to what this is about.

Echo of Soul is an MMORPG developed by the Korean game developer Nvius in 2013 and is published by Aeria Games in North America and Europe [1]. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of it, it’s the most anticipated MMORPG of the year. Promotion and teasers of EOS started roaming around late last year, building the hype and enticing bored players (definitely me) to a new game. They launched CBT last week so even if we knew they’d wipe out our characters after beta testing if we don’t purchase a Founder pack, a few friends and I decided to waste our time and see what it may offer to gamers. There is no exact date yet for OBT. Let’s all hope it won’t take more than 2 months.

It’s enough for a past time.
For a while or for a few months of endgame or until a new game comes out. I haven’t played a bunch of online games, I can still count the games I tried with my two hands and feet, yet I see that EOS is a traditional MMORPG that doesn’t really have very unique features that gamers haven’t seen yet in previous MMORPGs for the past 5 years. If you are playing with friends, you would probably enjoy the company more than what the game has to offer.

I’m not much into graphics (I’d rather play console games if I’m looking for good visuals without spending too much on hardware, just the console which basically would burn a hole on your pocket) because if I am I have to spend bucks on my rig which is not an option for now so I would leave the bashing to other players who likes top of the line visuals. It has good visuals not the best out there but not the least either. EOS has the usual MMORPG gameplay with 5 playable classes that has two specializations which you can choose from at level 10. The classes are gender locked, a turn off if you want to play a particular class but doesn’t want the predetermined gender. That would bother me so much, I want to play and dress up my character with my gender preference, thank you very much. I haven’t played a male character in any MMORPGs I tried. Luckily, the class I want is female.

There is no dedicated healer in this game. This almost—almost made me want to play Cabal 2 instead, however my gamer friends are here and Cabal 2’s OBT will be on the 23rd. It will make my life easier playing with those who are already familiar with how I play and how mean I am in game (Not really. I’m nice. Sometimes.) I still didn’t go with an all out DPS or tanker, so as expected I took the Bard path.

I was tempted to try the mage class but the semi-support marketing of Bard won me over. Thinking of it now I don’t know if it was a good decision or what. It’s a difficult class to play especially when you are starting. I’m 5 levels shy from 60 and I kind of like the class or maybe I’m a bit used to it by now. I’m someone who doesn’t have the patience of trying every class out there, trying to find my niche, because I already know what I want to play—a healer. Too bad they don’t have that here so I’ll settle with this. It’s not as OP as Duelist, Huntress or Earthguard but knowing how to play your class will make you a good player. Sure, you still might not win in a PVP with either of the three but you’ll fair well.

Thanks to the reset skills the team gave I’ve tried the PVE/PVP build and I like the latter more. Here’s my build which I followed from a beginners guide from Asian gamers. If you wish to see what’s for other classes, click here.

The Battlefield is addicting.
Yes, it is. Others may find it boring and repetitive. I’m usually partied with friends so I don’t find it that much of a burden. It’s fun and frustrating, especially when you are in a raid with players who aren’t familiar of how to play the maps of the Battlefield. Everyone starts as noobs here; we are still in CBT unless you played in the Thai version; players would eventually learn what to do inside BF because if you are not the type of player who would patiently go through the quest line, you’d probably be here until you reach level 60. It gives big exp which will make you level up in no time, two to three days max if you don’t sleep, no wonder we see a lot of level 60 hanging out in Ignea.

Solo dungeons are a pain. Not because they are uberly difficult, I just don’t like doing solo dungeons again and again and again to complete my gears. My patience would go out in a poof. Doing the party dungeons would have been different, however, only a few would want to go in party dungeons for level 35 and 50. You’ll find it easier looking for party members once you reach level 60 to hunt for your gears. They have this Smart Matching feature that makes the find party automatic, eliminating the public announcement of looking for party members. If I didn’t mention it yet, they don’t have a dedicated public chat where anyone can freely chat for everyone in the server can read. You have to purchase a speakerphone for 1 gold to make a public announcement. So if you find players who love to make useless public announcements, they’re most likely rich.

The downside of not having a dedicated healer when you are already doing level 60 stuff, as what a fellow gamer who’ve reached level cap the other day shared, is it makes the dungeon raids a lot longer and a pain in the ass to finish using pots and scrolls that cost so much you’d think twice using them in useless runs. If they will not have a healer in game, they should have at least lower the cost and cool down of the items because most probably you’d be dead before you can use another. That is if you have enough gold to purchase those. The challenge here is, even for seasoned players who are used to having healers, is to work as a team because once your tank is obliterated, it would only mean one thing—run. There’s no problem with trying again and again as long as you are making progress but if the cost of the supplies stays at that price, you’d certainly go bankrupt.

I don’t think I have to dig deeper. There are things I don’t like in the game like the repetitive maps and mobs for one, you can go try it and find faults in it if you want, you’d help the developer so much if you are going to do that. Writing this for me is enough. Overall, Echo of Soul is a generic game that players would easily like. They have this Soul System which makes them different from other MMORPGs. It’s something that I would play for a few months but it’s not a game that would make me want to stay for years. I don’t even know if I’ll stick till OBT or migrate to a new game. Honestly, I’m waiting for the OBT of Cabal 2 though I have to upgrade a few parts in my pc since they are using CryENGINE 3 but that’s another game to talk about for another time.

Playing with friends I met from RO2. I met two of them for real while I have spoken with the other over Skype.

If you are playing feel free to whisper me, if I’m not in one of my spells I’d answer back. You’ll easily recognize me in game, as one player said I’m a junk food which I didn’t take negatively because I know when no one is looking you can’t stop eating junk food, you love them, even if though it’s bad for your health. Add me up—TwisterFries.


[1] Brief introduction from Wikipedia.


8 thoughts on “Playing Echo of Soul

  1. raganas says:

    Hello to fellow EoS player. Are you still playing? I’m playing on one of European servers and after ordering my thoughts in a lengthy review I set out to see how other people think about this. I usually play healer classes, but lately the games I’m playing don’t have this class. 😦 But lack of healers or gender locking or poor customisation will never stop me from playing a game. So I play tank (Guard) in the end.

    I agree on battlefield being addictive, I like it. 🙂 Most often I try to go with friends.

    EoS have several drawbacks, but I disagree with solo dungeons. Those pre-60 are good enough for doing the quests there. You don’t really need the full set and you get a lot of equipment parts by quests. But I agree getting a full set is problematic.

    I enjoy playing EoS (somehow) but I’ll probably not play years in that game. It’s not L2. 😛


    • Alona says:

      Hello, fellow EOS player! This review was made prior to oben beta. I played until it was commercially released so some of the thoughts I initially have for the game changed overtime. Sad to say but I quit in July because of several issues. BTW, I played in Requiem NA. Most of the games coming out now don’t have a dedicated healer in game, it won’t stop me to play, it’s just a pain for someone who likes to play healer (I know you understand how I feel). I usually go for long range dps if healer is not an option. What I can’t reconcile with is gender locked classes. I just really don’t like playing male characters because obviously I am not. I like dressing up my character, and as a normal girl who loves clothes (on occassion), I like to see oruse what girls normally like. Do that make sense? Haha. I don’t even understand what I just said. LOL. How should I put this, hmm? Let’s leave it at, it’s a girl thing.

      I’m playing other mmorpgs while waiting for the ones I really like to play. I plan to share my thoughts about some when I have the time to write. I am still thinking though if I’ll make a post review of EOS. Sometimes writing has to step back because I can’t say no when the playing mood strikes in. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. raganas says:

    Too bad you left the game, but I can understand that. Was close to quitting myself (eq issue), stayed because of people.
    I’m a girl too, but the only games where I really had a dress up urge were: Lineage 2 (because of Role Playing community ingame), Perfect World and now Skyforge. Where I play Lightbinder for the lack of healer again… >< I so often play male toons that my friend was "wow, not a guy" when I selected Earthguard in EoS. 😀 My character has nothing to do with me. My Earthguard was customised as an "Earth elemental" with brown skin, green hair and a leaf on her face. I'm "white".
    So many guys play female characters, even if there are both genders available…

    So, what are you playing now and what are you waiting for?


    • Alona says:

      I am playing Skyforge and BNS RU atm. Lightbender too for the same reason as you are and a Lyn Summoner because the cat is soooooooo cute. I haven’t explored the games as much as I want to since work decided to be a bitch lately. I’m waiting for BNS NA/EU too and Cabal 2 SEA. My country is banned in Cabal 2 NA and I don’t have the patience of using VPNs.

      I was thinking of checking RO2 again since they release new content but I don’t think if the time I’ll spend in grinding to catch up is worth it so I haven’t decided yet.

      I quit EoS because of the party system. Not because of how the developers designed it but because of the players. Since it’s a mix of different servers and if you get majority of the party members from Serapha or Ygg, you’ll mostly likely be kicked out of the party for the sole reason you are from Requiem even if you have good gears. Your only option is to run it with guildmates or if you get Requiem mostly party. I could have stayed, I can stomach the unreasonable economy or the repetitive daily quest and all, but the assholeness of NA players reached another level I can no longer tolerate it.

      • raganas says:

        I can’t talk much about the playerbase. Most of the time, I’m playing with guildmates or if with randoms, most often is 3vs2 😉 Or it might be bit different for EU region.

        I’m playing Skyforge (EU) and BnS RU too. 😛 Lyn Summoner. 😛 Well, I spent more time in Skyforge than in BnS, Waiting rather for Black Desert than Cabal and in EU I’d do more leveling of my Summoner.

      • Alona says:

        I heard of Black Desert but I haven’t checked it yet. Might as well go see what it’s about and add it in my to wait list. Aw, I am always playing in NA.

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