Top Ten Blogging Confessions

An original feature/weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

I’m not sure if I have some quirks I can share because I’m not a year-round blogger. I blog only when I feel like it. I still can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 4 years, albeit not very often, I still consider this a milestone. As part of my 4th year blogversary related posts, here are some blogging things you don’t know about me (or maybe you do).

  1. I don’t write everyday. Most of my reviews are written weeks, some months, before I post them.
  2. I like writing in the office especially if I don’t feel like working. (I know, I should be working my ass off but tamad [1] days are really tamad.)
  3. I used to write my reviews in my Nokia N900. When it died I switched to android which made my writing life a lot difficult because whenever I try to write using Bluebell (my Sony Xperia Z2, I started naming my gadgets last year) I always end up playing android games and browsing social networking sites. This reinforces #2 because we don’t have access to those sites (even Google) in the office.
  4. I seldom write my entries in my desktop at home because all types of distractions are there: online games, unlimited net browsing, lurking in social networking sites, browsing for new books to read and downloading them even if I don’t really have plans to read it, watching Asian dramas, and there was also an Xbox with dozens of downloaded games which makes it more difficult to sit down and write. This was before the big change; I am now using my old laptop that doesn’t have games, I cancelled my internet connection, I don’t watch Asian dramas as of late, and there is no console anywhere. BUT. I still seldom use my laptop to write because Bluebell has an unlimited net connection, I stay up very late almost everyday talking to someone in Skype and/or Viber, I have tons of books to read (ebook and actual books), and I started to get freaking-addicted to American shows. Again back to #2.
  5. I haven’t joined any blog tour or author interviews yet. I’m afraid to make a commitment because I may not meet the deadline or post on the day I committed but I’ll TRY to change that this year (or next year).
  6. Whenever I review Asian shows and films, I make sure that the hype is long over or it’s not yet shown here in the country. I don’t know why but I don’t feel like posting things just because it’s the talk of town and it’ll generate lots of traffic.
  7. I have a writer’s block 70% of the time—okay, make that 75%.
  8. I try not to judge people who read E.L James but sometimes I can’t help raise my eyebrows if they act as if it’s the best book they read when in reality it was the only trilogy they read next to Twilight. We have tons of better books out there.
  9. In my earlier years, not just in blogging but in my social life as well, I tend to be so obstinate to the point of sarcasm whenever I give my opinion. I toned that down a bit as I aged. Part of growing up I guess. I’m still very honest and *cough* harsh but I try to balance them and be a little sensitive at times. That is a conscious effort, I tell you.
  10. I rarely talk about personal things in my blog. I’m not comfortable sharing too much of my personal life. If the mood strikes and I wanted an outlet, I use my blog to let it out. I also have the tendency to bottle it up and then be on a blogging hiatus when I’m going through something. I write about it when I’m ready or I’m already through it. I go back to blogging, reading, watching series and such, and seeing my friends when I’m emotionally okay. So if you see months where I seldom post, you’ll have an idea something is up. If you’re asking me my state now, do I have to spell it out? =)


[1] Lazy or as Bruno Mars said, “Today I don’t feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed.”


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