Baguio ’14: Day Two

After my first night out (FIRST NIGHT OUT! I FEEL SO MATURE.) in Baguio, Alona, Cary, and I got up early and headed to BenCab Museum.

It was our first time to go there (and hopefully not the last). We all had our own favorites. I was really fascinated by the exhibition of Abi Dionisio entitled Backbone & Stitches. It truly was a feast for the eyes. After our eyes were satisfied, we headed down to Café Sabel to silence our grumbling stomachs.

Duck Flakes, Strawberry Salad. Yum. The strawberry vinaigrette was definitely something. We did find the Tuyo pasta a wee bit saltier than needed but nonetheless, our hunger was satiated.

Next stop: Tam-awan Village

We weren’t able to appreciate the view once we reached the top deck, but we did enjoy the cold climate and not to mention the exercise.

You haven’t seen everything Tam-Awan Village has to offer if you haven’t spotted THE Dreamcatcher. Hahahaha.

We headed off to Camp John Hay later in the afternoon and made a quick stopover at Treetop Adventure just to check the prices (which were out of our budget for this trip, sad to say). We went to see the Cemetery of Negativity where we had our fair share of oohhs, aahhs, and laughs as we related to the epitaphs written with such wit. Then the ampitheatre.

Bell House (feeling American Christmas!)

This a feels like a Christmas in [insert US state here]!

After that we had a quick stop at the Christmas village which was Frozen-themed (who would have guessed?). We missed the “snow” so we decided not to enter the premises. We also made a quick visit to Chocolate d Batirol but changed our minds about eating there. We headed out to Oh My Gulay to have a quick snack.

The food was delicious. Bulaklak Tempura was a winner. Too bad Alona wasn’t able to get photos of our food.

But she got a panoramic shot of the view outside Oh My Gulay. She was so enthralled with the place she forgot to take a photo inside which is as lovely as this. Imagine entering a regular building, going up the stairs to the fifth floor and seeing garden inside.

Once we were tired enough (finally!) we decided to head back home to rest before travelling back to Manila. It was a weekend worth remembering. I don’t get to explore the city much because well, I’m a local and I’d have all the time to explore compared to visitors. 😛 And obviously, it’s best to explore when in the company of friends. I’m looking forward to our next (mis)adventures!

If you wish to see better copies of the images, click here .
Click here to see the first day of our trip.

Portmanteau Stamp:

Visited: Bencab Museum, Cafe Sabel, Tam-Awan Village, Camp John Hay
Place: Baguio

Travel Dates: November 22-23, 2014
Adventurers: Alona, Ingrid and Cary


Portmanteau’s (mis)Adventures (3)
A semi-regular meme of the things Portmanteau did (adventure or not) or any activity we had together that is worth mentioning.

***** All images in this post are owned and edited by Alona unless otherwise stated.


2 thoughts on “Baguio ’14: Day Two

  1. Romina B says:

    Hello! I’m glad I found your blog through wordpress reader. I grew up in the Philippines and I love Baguio City. We always went for cooler weather! 🙂 I love reading about the Philippines, even if I don’t live there anymore. I’m a new follower! Feel free to check out my blog as well. Let’s connect!

    – Romina @ http://www.dietyogaenergy,com

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