Top Ten Blogging Confessions

An original feature/weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

I’m not sure if I have some quirks I can share because I’m not a year-round blogger. I blog only when I feel like it. I still can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 4 years, albeit not very often, I still consider this a milestone. As part of my 4th year blogversary related posts, here are some blogging things you don’t know about me (or maybe you do).

  1. I don’t write everyday. Most of my reviews are written weeks, some months, before I post them.
  2. I like writing in the office especially if I don’t feel like working. (I know, I should be working my ass off but tamad [1] days are really tamad.)
  3. I used to write my reviews in my Nokia N900. When it died I switched to android which made my writing life a lot difficult because whenever I try to write using Bluebell (my Sony Xperia Z2, I started naming my gadgets last year) I always end up playing android games and browsing social networking sites. This reinforces #2 because we don’t have access to those sites (even Google) in the office.
  4. I seldom write my entries in my desktop at home because all types of distractions are there: online games, unlimited net browsing, lurking in social networking sites, browsing for new books to read and downloading them even if I don’t really have plans to read it, watching Asian dramas, and there was also an Xbox with dozens of downloaded games which makes it more difficult to sit down and write. This was before the big change; I am now using my old laptop that doesn’t have games, I cancelled my internet connection, I don’t watch Asian dramas as of late, and there is no console anywhere. BUT. I still seldom use my laptop to write because Bluebell has an unlimited net connection, I stay up very late almost everyday talking to someone in Skype and/or Viber, I have tons of books to read (ebook and actual books), and I started to get freaking-addicted to American shows. Again back to #2.
  5. I haven’t joined any blog tour or author interviews yet. I’m afraid to make a commitment because I may not meet the deadline or post on the day I committed but I’ll TRY to change that this year (or next year).
  6. Whenever I review Asian shows and films, I make sure that the hype is long over or it’s not yet shown here in the country. I don’t know why but I don’t feel like posting things just because it’s the talk of town and it’ll generate lots of traffic.
  7. I have a writer’s block 70% of the time—okay, make that 75%.
  8. I try not to judge people who read E.L James but sometimes I can’t help raise my eyebrows if they act as if it’s the best book they read when in reality it was the only trilogy they read next to Twilight. We have tons of better books out there.
  9. In my earlier years, not just in blogging but in my social life as well, I tend to be so obstinate to the point of sarcasm whenever I give my opinion. I toned that down a bit as I aged. Part of growing up I guess. I’m still very honest and *cough* harsh but I try to balance them and be a little sensitive at times. That is a conscious effort, I tell you.
  10. I rarely talk about personal things in my blog. I’m not comfortable sharing too much of my personal life. If the mood strikes and I wanted an outlet, I use my blog to let it out. I also have the tendency to bottle it up and then be on a blogging hiatus when I’m going through something. I write about it when I’m ready or I’m already through it. I go back to blogging, reading, watching series and such, and seeing my friends when I’m emotionally okay. So if you see months where I seldom post, you’ll have an idea something is up. If you’re asking me my state now, do I have to spell it out? =)


[1] Lazy or as Bruno Mars said, “Today I don’t feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed.”


Blogosphere Awards 2015

I don’t normally participate in blogosphere awards because [1] I don’t blog often; [2] I have my hiatus-slash-hibernating-days from anything social (yes, in person and social media); [3] I don’t always visit blogs. But because today’s May 4th and marks my 4th year in the blogosphere, I gracefully accept the awards I was nominated for this year. It’s not so many guys, like I said I don’t go around commenting on random blogs or actively posting reviews and whatnot, so seeing occasional nominations are heartwarming because I know how anti-social I can get.

The Guidelines:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate a few other bloggers.
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog.
  • Put the award button on your blog.

I was nominated by Snow of The Drama Corner. Thank you! Here are my answers to her questions:

Your favorite TV series other than Asian.
Teen Wolf as of the moment. It changes though, depending on what American series I’m recently watching. But if you are asking for an all time non-Asian TV series favorite, it’s Charmed.

Your favorite actors/actresses: Korean and Non-Korean.
Kim So Hyun and Jang Geun Suk. I have a huge crush on these two. Anne Hathaway.

The best smell in the world is…
Pages of a new book. I smell the books I buy before reading them. It’s weird but a fellow bookworm would understand.

Most inspiring quote from a movie.
“Keep moving forward.” from Meet the Robinsons. This had been my favorite movie quote for the longest time and probably will not ever change because I really like the meaning. It has positivity even when you are facing one of your darkest moments in life.

Is chemistry all about skinship and kissing?
Are we talking about real or reel life chemistry? If it’s an onscreen chemistry, I usually look for the giddiness they would give me with merely seeing them together. Imagine the kilig [1] I’d get if they kissed. Explosive.

Ballad. Yay or nay? Why?
Yay. I like them. I find them emotional and soulful to hear.

Are you into Kpop? If yes, then your favourite group/artist. If no, any other favourite band or singer.
Not really. Sometimes, I think. I won’t say favorite but more of my go to artists when I’m listening to Korean songs. They’re 2AM, Younha and Ailee.



  • What you can do with Encouraging Thunder award? Post it on your blog and grant other bloggers with the award
  • What you can’t do with Encouraging Thunder award? Abuse or misuse the logo and claim that it’s your own handmade logo
  • What you should do after receiving Encouraging Thunder award? Enjoy the award, at least give thanks via comments and likes and or mentioning the blog who give the award and mention your purpose in blogging

Lovely of Words & Rhythm nominated my blog for these two awards. Thank you so much. I have a Liebster post last year, click here for the rules.

What motivates you to blog?
I love to write even though I don’t usually do it—wait. That’s contradicting, right? Let me rephrase it, I love to write when I’m in the mood to do it. Off the Wall is my little corner in the vast cyber world where I can spill my thoughts and make love with words. It allows me to share my thoughts to anyone who stumbles upon my blog, connect with people across the globe, and create a unique friendship/relationship with readers I don’t know.

Reading some caring/enlightening comments from random people when I post something personal is one of the warmest feelings you’ll get in blogging. That is one reason out of many to continue writing. You’ll never know when a post you created will change someone else’s life.

Three things you can’t live without.
My phone, wallet and coffee.

If you can be a writer for a movie, what will be the title of that movie and why?
One Step at a Time. It would be easier to think of a theme song. HAHAHA.

What is your view about life?
It’s a series of decisions. I learned that last year.

The places you’ll love to visit.
I wanted to say Korea and Japan but let’s be (financially) real and stick to places I want to visit this year. [1] Boracay. Because you have to visit this place at one point of your life. [2] Baler. The waves. I fell in love with surfing in La Union; I know I have to try the waves in Baler. [3] Sagada. A lot of Filipinos who’ve seen That Thing Called Tadhana want to go there for some #hugot moment. I did too for some time. But now, I just want to visit the place to see the beauty of it during off season. I don’t think it’s a good idea to shout your heart out on a cliff with hundreds of tourist with you.

Who are your inspirations in life?
If you’ll ask me this question a few years back, I’d probably answer some famous random personality. Right now, I only have one person in mind. The Man from up above. He isn’t just an inspiration. I trust Him to lead my heart where He wants it to be and guide me in my journey of strengthening my faith—not finding anymore. I knew a few months back that I found the faith I was looking for.

Do you have any interest aside from blogging?
I read a lot. I travel when I can. I watch tons of films and series if I find the time.

Do you have any collections?
Books, ebooks and bookmarks.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
Hopefully, married. But most likely I’ve relocated somewhere north and is already a manager.

What are the top 5 anime that you like?
Clannad, Honey and Clover, Full Metal Panic, One Piece and D. Gray Man

What is your message to me as your fellow blogger?
Find your niche. It’s easier to write something you are crazy about because you’ll never run out of juice. If it’s more than one, find a common ground, and be as organized as you can get. Like what one speaker said in a writing class I attended, write to express not to impress.


I’m done nominating blogs for Liebster last year and I think it’s a moot point nominating the same bloggers for all three awards. I will only nominate 8 bloggers for the Sunshine Award this time.


Lovely of Words & Rhythm – I only knew her online. I recently followed her blog because she’d been active lately. We’ve been talking online for a few years but she went on a sudden hiatus for some time. Now she’s back and she has a lot of interests that you’ll easily see in her blog.

Val of vlchrstn – An office mate who loves photography. I’m happy to see him doing what he loves best again. His photoblog will make you want to visit the places he’d been.

Jolens of Jumping Jolens – I stumbled on her blog accidentally. She’s a Filipina living abroad and I love reading her personal posts (especially the entries about a guy she has a crush in class).

royaberry of RUMBERRI – a twenty something-ish (almost thirty) mostly procrastinating, sarcastic wannabe blogger (as what her About Me page says). She talks about love, loss and luck. You’ll find heartwarming post about her life that you’ll relate with.

Elaine of My Nihility – I often see her blog on the recommended sites on my Reader page in WP as a site followed by some bloggers I follow. I checked her page and saw that she posted a review about a book discussed by a book club in the Philippines. I didn’t know I knew this girl until I checked her About Me page. What a small blogging world. Hello, fellow TFGer!

Queen of Conquering My Own Castle – a book and drama blogger. I love upcoming blogs who talks about the same things as I do–books and Korean dramas!

Meliza of MECANISM – another real life bookish friend from TFG. She loves to read and rambles about them.

Cary of No Ordinary Day – she is one of my close friends and someone I look up to because of her unwavering faith to the one up above. You can find inspiration in her journey of life with God in her posts.


Here are the questions. Don’t worry I won’t ask if you guys are still virgins.  But you may answer that question if you want to.

  1. What is the current state of your heart?
  2. If you can make a playlist of how/what you feel right now, what’s going to be your top 5 songs?
  3. List songs for this playlist: Top 5 Songs that Will Make You Want to Kill Someone
  4. If a zombie apocalypse would happen right this very minute, are you going to tweet about it? But seriously, are you going to fight or run? Why?
  5. I’m your fairy godmother and I can grant you a wish on a Cinderella-like level, what/whose party would you want to crash?
  6. Who do you want to (a) have a one night stand with or (b) marry? You can choose either of the two.
  7. Hollywood now-a-days are into books-to-movies hype. Let’s say we are in an alternate dimension in which all your fantasies can come to life, choose a book/manga that you want to happen.

My questions aren’t that hard but they are borderline-crazy, right? Throw a little fun in answering these questions because I had fun making them.



I’ll have a series of blogversary posts across the month. I’ll put a lot of post it in my apartment to remind me I have to write. I’ll kick my lazy ass if I have to.


[1] defined as that mountain top, floating, on cloud nine, invincible, i-could-keep-smiling, heart aching goodness and feeling which overpowers the mind’s ability to think straight, act straight, breath properly and articulate thoughts into a single comprehensible sentence.

Image Source: From the blogs of those who nominated me