I discovered a new site where I can add the Asian movies and dramas I’m watching, planning to watch and those I’ve watched in my profile this year. I know there are a lot of sites like this but My Drama List only has Asian movies & dramas in its database and it has a nice, clean & user-friendly layout. Basically, it works like Goodreads and the fun in this site is just like what I found in GR—the discovery of new films/dramas I have yet to see (plus meeting new friends that shares the same passion).

Spellbound (Chilling Romance) is one of the recommended films I saw in MDL. It’s not every day that I get to watch a film that would make me laugh out loud then scares the hell out of me in a matter of seconds. This movie has the right amount of romance, comedy, and creepiness that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Type Her 오싹한연애 / Spellbound

CJ Entertainment, 114 MInutes
Released on December 01, 2011
Romance, Comedy, Supernatural

Watched in November 2012

“I see dead people” is a common phrase used in parody, but if it were true, as it is for the leading lady in “Spellbound,” it would be a shockingly terrifying trait to hold.

Ever since she was young, Yeo-ri (Son Ye-jin), has had the unnatural ability to see ghosts, and when they do appear, usually when she has company, unexpected things occur to the people around her. Yeo-ri chooses to isolate herself from the outside world but is approached by a street magician named Jo-goo (Lee Min-ki), who offers her a job in his show.

One year passes, and Yeo-ri ends up playing a part in the magician’s horror-themed act, in which she plays a ghost in a closet. Every day, Jo-goo’s staff successfully closes the show and invites Yeo-ri for drinks, but she always rejects their offer. She is fully aware what will happen if she gets close to people.

When eventually Yeo-ri opens up to Jo-goo about her tragic and lonely life; things start to change for the both of them. Can Jo-Goo help her find a way out? Or will he be chased away by the ghosts like all the other people in Yeo-ri’s life?
Director: Hwang In-ho
Writer: Hwang In-ho

Stars: Son Ye-jin, Lee Min-ki, Park Cheol-min, Kim Hyun-sik, Lee Mi-do


This is a unique find. Koreans are good in making horror and romantic-comedy films, mixing them both in one movie is a brilliant idea. It’s not easy to execute since these factors should not overpower the other and the quality of both genres should be maintained and evident in the film. This is what I liked most in this movie. The scary scenes are eerie and startling while the romantic-comedy scenes are simple yet effective. Hwang In-ho did a good job in balancing these genres in Spellbound.

Son Ye-jin & Lee Min-ki have a charming chemistry. The seriousness of Ye-jin’ role compliments the goofy, laid-back Min-ki. Their characters fit them well and both stars competently portrayed their roles. I can’t remember where I first saw Lee Min-ki but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him in one of the dramas I watched before. I’m familiar with Son Ye-jin though since I last saw her in Perfect Taste. It’s a plus that I’m familiar with the cast because I know what to expect from them.

It’s been a while since I purely enjoyed watching an Asian Romantic-Comedy film. Most of the Filipino & American movies I watched for the past months are hard-core drama and fantasy-action films so this is a refreshing movie to watch. Spellbound deserves a 5-Kiss Mark rating.

Fantabulous: I can’t stop talking about it!

I’m giving 4 Drama Awards for the acting. I find the drama scene before the movie ended a little awkward. I know it was part of the character development but I think it was an over kill.

Worthy of my praise.

I’m captivated by the film’s magic. In fact, this is now on top of my recommended Asian films. So if you’re tired of watching the same movies you always watch, Spellbound is nice way to clean up your pallet.

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Blurb & Photo Credit: Hancinema
Video Credit: CJ Entertainment USA via YouTube


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